Does anyone know if you can just go into the gymnastics gym (foam pit and trampolines) with our ucard? Similar to how we can just access the normal weight gym whenever we want. Or is there some special booking system? Or can we not access it as normal students at all?

  1. check to see if they have drop in hours, might have to pay $10 but I think students used to have a credit for active living services (like for rentals or classes), not sure if that came back after covid or not

  2. I’ve looked into this actually. It does cost money unfortunately ($10 or $15 I forget) but you can use your credit to pay - I think you just grab a wrist band from the fitness desk. The only thing to keep in mind is that they do have bookings in that space and you’ll only be allowed when they have nothing in there already so make sure you check the calendar before going - I suggest calling to be sure

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