Anyone know the source of this clip? I just saw this on twitter and the OP was asking the same question. This footage is really eerie to me.

  1. Was this from the thread about Lue saying there is clear footy of a triangle on the internet that he can’t talk about?

  2. Wow never seen this one before. It looks like it might be that one but could you technically say you can see the skin of the craft? It looks pretty dark

  3. I went looking for the source. No love. However I DID find another video with a similar water/running faucet sound. Unsure if this is the same location or just the same audio track. On the bright side, at least the audio isn't Discount X-Files Theme #1672

  4. Saw one of these back in 1998 in Beachmere, Queensland, Australia. Just coasted overhead, completely silent. Had this exact shape and light configuration.

  5. I just showed this to my wife. She saw the exact same thing as this in O’Fallon, Illinois outside of Scott afb in 2000. The triangle was seen by many people here, even the police who chased it a bit. Google Scott Air Force base ufo

  6. Damn here I am thinking to myself I doubt anyone else saw it. I did see almost this exact thing back in 97 in San Francisco. It was huge and I felt like looking at it was forbidden. I was a kid. Vivid memories

  7. Me too, except it was flying over a corn field in the Midwest… we followed it and tried to get close. It flew over the road, and it was flying SUPER slow. Went to go record it and my phone was conveniently dead.

  8. Everyone, this video is from 2022 and wouldn't have existed when Lue was with AATIP, this is most probably not the video we are looking for

  9. Its anyone in there ? i mean , if you can travel at mach 250 without make yourself a pancake, i will give you a prize !!!

  10. To clarify I'm not saying this isn't legit, I want to believe. I just want to point something out/play devils advocate.

  11. Everything in the frame moves in sync except the "craft" which lags or moves a smaller amount. Poor camera tracking vfx or this stabilizer introduces artifacting. I'm a professional post production artist if that lends any credence to my opinion.

  12. I think these triangle ones are gubmint ones. They just look too deliberately designed to be what would grab attention and what your typical sci-fi movie watcher would buy into. The legit stuff isn't trying to be seen with white floodlamps and a little red center light like a Hal9000.

  13. Wouldn’t have mattered what it was doing or wanted…much like you’re at the mercy of a grizzly…this would have you if it wanted you…inside your house, or not.

  14. This was posted last night as part of compilation of triangle clips. As a longtime videographer with both lo and hi-res tech, the reaction of the lights is what makes this look legit to me.

  15. Honestly, the reaction of the lights is what makes me question it. The little white "line" seems too consistent in size and position despite moving the camera and zooming. I'm not a videographer and know next to nothing about behavior of lights though sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  16. Not my video, pulled this from twitter and the source was asking if anyone knew of this footage, or any source details. I am not aware of any of that info but the video is disturbingly realistic IMO, these triangle craft are commonly reported and this is a pretty great capture of whatever it is.

  17. Someone check me on this but I believe it isn’t tracking with camera movement properly which would lead me to believe it’s a fake. I really want this to be real but I can’t unsee what I see. See the stabilized one to get another view of what I’m saying.

  18. Yep. For anyone who has done any work with motion tracking it sticks out like a sore thumb when the tracked object moves incorrectly or "loosely" relative to the background. Unfortunately that was the first thing I noticed about the video. This is an extremely good fake-- possibly the best I've ever seen, the lens/sensor glare, the movement, the grain/noise, lighting, etc. But it is a fake nonetheless, sadly. The triangle has been composited into the scene. The loose motion tracking gives it away.

  19. If it is fake, its definitely one of the more well done videos ive seen. Some of the fakes are so unbelievably bad. Im still open to the idea that this could be real, but we're already aware the audio has been changed for some odd reason

  20. I saw one of these in southern Ontario , but closer to the ground using the lights to search the ground, few hundred meters up. No sound what so ever when it flew over head.

  21. I think I'll be spending my summer weekends having fires and looking out over Lake Erie. I'm seeing a lot of comments lately from people in Southern Ontario and desperately want to see something myself. No idea what I'd do if I seen something up close like this. Taking video with my S7 wound just result in another "potato quality" UFO video anyway.

  22. Definitely saw this in Houston Texas last month. Was in the same spot for damn near half an hour after the fact of me seeing it. Was leaving the McDonald’s/Whataburger area off Main Street in Houston and we pulled over to look at it. When I stuck my head out the window I started feeling super dreadful and afraid, probably cause we’re all super interested but in the moment, you dunno what could happen. Maybe abductions are real, maybe you’re next. Who knows. Everyone wants to see “humanoids” until you’re floating out the window. So anyways, I was spooked, we drove all the way home and it stayed in the same spot. When we got back home I had my roommates come out and look at it. It was still in the same spot it had been the whole time and was a decent size.

  23. I saw in Houston back in 2008 right on Kirkwood and Memorial. Cars everywhere. Around 8:30/9 pm. Pointed at bright star in the Southwest horizon. Made a joke saying there here . then the lights dimmed at it came over and hovered above us for about 5 or 10 mins. No sound. Size of a football field. High as searching police helicopter. Rotated a little and cruised really slow South east into the horizon until the trees blocked it. I was with my brother and his friend so all 3 of us pretty much just live with it.

  24. There’s an “odd” feeling you get when you watch a rare subset of these videos. This video gives me that feeling

  25. That light bloom and flare would be hard to fake convincingly. This is one of the most realistic looking UFO vids I've ever seen personally.

  26. The water noise to me sounds like a fish tank, so I'd say there's a good chance he's inside. So probably looking through a window but maybe it's an open window/door as well

  27. I don’t know why, but this craft just seems… human (?) made to me. Almost like this is what the US government started working on after the B2

  28. I saw that driving home from work early morning around three, in the late nineties and hovering super low above a small wooded area in Greece, NY USA. Exactly that! Thanks for sharing OP, I’ve been telling my wife & kids about this for years and it’s fantastic to finally be able to show them. I also feel good knowing I’m not crazy.

  29. Reading this comment made me perk up because it validates what I saw about a year ago, I’ve told so many people about it and everyone says it’s probably a drone and that I’m overreacting to the situation but what makes me think it wasn’t a drone is exactly what you said about how the light it emits isn’t like a regular light you would see I just never had the vocabulary to explain it to others coherently but you nailed it.

  30. Pretty certain this is likely the one Lue is referencing as real. There are few out there, but this is the most likely candidate.

  31. This, whether legit or a spooky FX reel, has been on YouTube for years and allegedly is shot by a regular person in a residential area in Guatamala City. (If this audio is accurate; it certainly matches the video more than the bizarre "rain drops" audio on the Twitter version.)

  32. As much as I'd like to think I'd sit there recording forever, I wouldn't know until I'm in the situation. Maybe fear would overtake me and I'd run away, if it is a uap, who knows what radiation is coming off that thing. Idk, who knows.

  33. That was my thought as well, but part of me would wanna at least clip the video to make sure it saved, that shit also looks pretty menacing so they might have just freaked out and cut, but if it were me I’d immediately go back for more footage.

  34. I kind’ve agree but I think I would be utterly terrified in this situation, lol. Especially if I was a non-enthusiast.

  35. There could be the possibility of it being obtained illegally as in this could’ve taken place on military land and was a life or death situation. Like, seeing something you shouldn’t and it sees you and having to run or at least attempt to hide. Scary to think about.

  36. It does kinda have the hallmarks of a hoaxer video. Under 60 seconds (of course most are usually less than 30 seconds, CGI rendering takes too long for their patience or something I guess), no frame of reference, nothing really notable happens during the video, and then just stop recording for no apparent reason.

  37. Have you ever come that close to something that could shatter all your beliefs in life? It’s kind of unfair to assume this person was ready to encounter something life altering like this.

  38. If this is real, we’ve had more UAP footage / pictures in the last 2 days than ever. Old believers went decades without nothing. This is amazing if real, same with the US fighter jet chasing the saucer that was posted earlier.

  39. The fact that is seems to be directly perpendicular to the camera makes me suspicious. Would seem an unlikely coincidence that the triangle looks exactly equaliteral when viewed from the side at distance.

  40. This has that “feel” to it. That rotation probably freaked the person out and that’s probably why they stopped recording. Self preservation kicked in

  41. That’s exactly what I was thinking, it was motionless and then starts a rotation, and seeing how it’s facing the camera man I’d be scared as hell, but I’d try my damndest to get the fly away

  42. I just sent this to my wife and she immediately said she saw the exact same thing (she can't remember if she saw an the orange light in the center) hovering in NE Ohio about 18 years ago at around midnight. Usually when I send her stuff like this she says something like: 'hm that's weird"or brushes it off as a drone like any other skeptic. Her immediate recollection and comment to me makes me think this is 100% not CGI. It's a UAP. She also said it was completely silent.

  43. Note that the center red light is exhibiting a reflection of one of the corner white lights as if it were covered with a reflective plastic bubble.

  44. I literally just watched a show of a lady saying she saw a triangle with and orange light in the center. Aliens in Alaska Season One, Episode either 1 or 2.

  45. If it's fake like some of these experts claim. Let's have these experts recreate the same video 10 times. If it can be recreated to the exact detail, then we'll it's probably a fake. If you can't recreate it even once, then...

  46. That’s the trouble, people say this is easy to fake, yet no one has the means to duplicate the effect. The fact you see the body of the craft tells me it’s not a reflection of lights on a window. The “tracking” is perfect, any jitters of movement is the result of frame interpolation, on a hand held video, which was probably filmed at a very distressed state.

  47. The rotating at the end could just be the camera person physically rotating the camera to make it look like the object is moving, right? Might explain why they drop the camera...

  48. Either the object is moving a little bit relative to the ground or this is just poorly motion tracked cgi. In my opinion this is obviously fake. The fact that similar looking crafts have been reportedly seen before does not make this video any more believable. If this video is fake, it is very possible that the creator based it on those reported sightings to make it more believable.

  49. After seeing so many fake videos, fake images, appreciating some excellent Hollywood renditions of UFOs you have probably all also seen through your entire lives. In the last two decades we have come leaps and bounds with CGI; so much so I was worried when presented with a real video, I would dismiss or overlook it. Nope! This is very different; that craft feels in charge, in a chilling way.

  50. I saw a black triangle just like this, it would have been sometime around 2013-2015, in Southern Utah just suspended completely motionless in the air for probably 15 minutes and when I looked again and it was gone.

  51. Nice video. I have seen the exact same ufo in my 20 years experiencing sightings till today; but the triangle ufo had green lights instead and it was huge maybe the size of a football field and had no sound. What I like about the video is towards the end you can see the ufo still hovering but the triangle moving clockwise, I’ve seen the exact same thing but it was flying in a straight direction and the triangle was still turning clockwise , it was a crazy moment for me but I’ve never saw it again, I do still see other astonishing ufo sights till today.

  52. So surely is another example of Lue talking out of his arse. Why not just post a link to the video you believe is real? Same with the “flyby” footage he described before, he said it was amazing footage so everyone goes looking for videos that could be the one he’s talking about, then at the hearing we see a video with the same title that is garbage.

  53. You have to question if it is military why the heck would they hover over a built up area? For this reason I would lean to it being from another world

  54. Interesting....but it looks like the camera is filming a reflection. If it were real, then wow. Reminds me of the object that was described over a part of the UK...on a farm land....and the next day there were people in the field with measuring equipment. I'd have to find that mini doc I watched on YouTube.

  55. Space Force dude is like, "it's dinner time. I'm just going to park this b**ch above neighborhood while I eat the left over spaghetti my wife made me"

  56. This is legit crazy. I always used to wonder if there are more colors that we have not discovered in universe. But ufo generally have red and white lights.

  57. Yeah color is interesting, like imagine if a new color was suddenly brought into your field of vision. That experience is something you see color blind people get when they have those special glasses on, and basically every time they end up weeping from the beauty. There’s a lot more going on in the universe than we can ever probably understand.

  58. This is EXACTLY how the one I saw was. I went on the roof of my apartment building to get a look after seeing it on my drive home. It was slowly hovering with lights facing the ground. At some point I feel like it sensed me and started heading in my direction with this white searchlight from the bottom sweeping around. I got really scared and ran into the roof doorway and down the stairs as fast as I could.

  59. The cyst in my head that I had for as I long I could remembered disappeared after many blackouts during my reoccurring sightings. I think you and I maybe have been lucky enough to suppress the memory of abduction.

  60. Can drones stay at an angle like that? Also seems to me that since it's close enough to be easily visible like that you'd hear the rotors

  61. The only thing that does not convinces me here is that witnesses of triangles don't ever mention the craft laying vertically (pointing up and showing it's belly, like in this video), but rather they stay

  62. I've read several accounts where a triangle craft rotated up on end like this before shooting away. In fact there is a case like this in Skinwalkers at the Pentagon.

  63. They have been reported in all sorts of odd alignments, but you are correct that the vast majority of close-encounter triangle reports describe something hovering horizontally with lights facing the ground. Often, and especially creepy, there is a white searchlight erratically sweeping the ground below.

  64. Seems fake. If i were the one recording that thing i would be freaking out and absolutely shaking theres no way someone would record an absolute clear UFO in the sky and not even flinch.

  65. It rotates, I’m a vfx editor and that would be extremely hard to track on a night sky with no tracking points. The flares blend with the other optics perfectly and show no signs that this was any kind of VFX overlay.

  66. It's not moving. I know I'll get downvoted but to me it seems like a stationary lamp or something at a distance.

  67. But it rotates quite clearly…see end of clip. Does a UAP require movement to be legit? Can a UAP not just remain stagnant in the air?

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