Photos of UFOnauts taken by Dorothy Izatt.

  1. The Dorothy Izatt story is well known, among scientific UFOlogists. Please add sighting-specific UFO content to your post, and repost. Thanks much!

  2. All the planning charts and demolition orders have been on display at your local planning department in Alpha Centauri for 50 of your Earth years, so you've had plenty of time to lodge any formal complaint and it's far too late to start making a fuss about it now.

  3. And then after being printed it was scanned and uploaded to the internet. After thousands of screenshots we have this final product. Deep fried crispiness.

  4. Don’t quote me but when I researched her years back I think she was using a 8mm camera or something old and “experts” claim it couldn’t be photoshopped. Up for debate

  5. you make it sounds like 240p jpeg from 1800s sounds bad, even pre historic camera still have better image quality than the one OP post

  6. She died in 2021, I remember last year I wanted to interview her but she had died like a month before I had the idea. I live in vancouver and thought it would have been really cool to hear her story in person.

  7. Dorothy Izatt is a pretty interesting case, she's captured some interesting stuff and seems like a very genuine person. I highly recommend the documentary Capturing the Light in Amazon Prime, if you're into ufology it's worth like an hour of your time.

  8. Best UFO alien documentary ever .. after watching it I immediately ordered the book and she explains so much I the book that will give you chills

  9. It was pretty good till they showed the mom getting interviewed and spent 5 minutes talking about light orbs flying by her when it clearly looked like dust floating in front of the lens. “How amazing it happened when we were there doing the interview”.

  10. Since the 1970s, a series of strange lights have been described and reported in the night sky near the home of Vancouver housewife Dorothy Izatt. Dorothy first reported seeing the lights on the evening of November 9, 1974. On that night, she was in the kitchen when she had a feeling that someone was watching her. She looked out the window and saw a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky. At first, her family did not take her sightings seriously. She decided to go out and prove that the objects she were seeing were not of natural or human origin. She used a flashlight to try and contact the object. She noticed the object actually followed her flashlight. Realizing that the objects were trying to communicate with her, she decided to get them on film. In the video, there are several balls of light flying in the same direction. At certain points, however, there are bright flashes on the screen. When Dorothy looked at the video on her home viewer, she inched the film back and forth until she discovered that the flashes contained several lines and streaks moving in different directions on the screen. She believes that these lines were a way of communication for the objects. In other photographs, it is clear that the objects are defined shapes. She has stated that she has used at least three different cameras, including an 8-mm. With each camera, she has recorded similar shapes and objects.

  11. Hands down My favorite documentary ever it gave me chills and everyone who is part of the reddit community needs to watch it

  12. Highly recommend "Capturing the Light" on Amazon Prime. Fascinating documentary about Dorothy Izatt. She seems like a very sweet and honest lady and comes across as very credible.

  13. Hands down the best UFO documentary ever. It gave me chills after watching it.. but Dr hynek basically told her not to group herself in with the ufo whackos so her story isn't as well known as it should be. After watching the documentary I went and bought the book... It explains a lot!!!!!!! Watch the movie first then read the book. The images that she captured other than. These cannot be explained and she has incredible amounts of it ..... Capturing the light on Amazon prime is where you can watch it... If your into UFOs and aliens go watch it now !!!!!!!!!! It's not what you would expect

  14. Ok so my only personal alien story real quick: I was sitting on my friends back porch one night and we saw a blue “comet” type thing with a tail like a comet come down to earth so far we recoiled because we thought there was going to be an impact 30 ft away. Instead there were 3 things that looked just like this, very tall, except a brighter blue. They were walking and the last one turned and looked at us as it was walking and then they faded out. This probably adds nothing to the post, but this is the only rendition of what we saw. Very very similar.Edit: I should add they were opaque and seemed made of blue light if that makes sense.

  15. If you cut the corners off of it it becomes even more futuristic. Battlestar Galactica taught me that.

  16. A "clipboard like object" 🤣🤣 visiting us in their anti gravity space ships but just taking notes through the window with their clipboards.

  17. I dunno, with how shitmassive this universe is what are the chances of other life being humanoid? It seems pretty far fetched. Like in that Amy Adams movie Arrival… that’s more of what I’d expect intelligent life to be like.

  18. Based on what we know of evolution, they'll either be bugs, fish or humanoid. Or according to Carl Segan something so far fetched we could be looking at it right now and our minds can't simply comprehend them so they get filtered out.

  19. "It was then that Dorothy Izatt decided to fashion a camera out of an empty mike and ikes box and a handful of acorns"

  20. That makes a whale of a lot more sense to me than the idea that all these different extraterrestrial species just happened to physically evolve so closely to humans that you can literally discern a facial expression in the first picture. And the Neza video is fascinating; I’ve never seen it before today.

  21. Good god the camera tech. Not sire how the aliens do it bit they somehow make cameras operate like they were made in 1750

  22. Its because the taker is really far away and their camera is already at maximum zoom. This is theoretically cropped out of an already tiny spot from a picture across a large bit of sky. I'm not commenting on its authenticity.

  23. My phone can shoot in UHD and pics at 45 megapixels and it isn't a top of the line phone... But a damn alien shows up and the pictures taken come from a boiled potato??!

  24. You guys should check out Dorthy Izatts documentary on Amazon. Her story is crazy and supports the idea that some people have neurological predisposition to see the phenomenon.

  25. I remember reading about this in 1994 I think. I remember wondering why if someone could really prove the aliens are here then why take photos from a half mile away with like a Polaroid lol So, They have HD cameras now… did the aliens realize that and stop visiting her? They obviously don’t want clear pictures taken of them, would be too revealing. Lol

  26. It would be cool to see an AI enhanced version of these photos even just for entertainment. Does dalle2 have an image prompt setting?

  27. I believe her video of the aliens in the window was actually a reflection of the camera maker's logo in the window she was filming through. Years ago I recorded something very similar and it was the silver Sony logo reflecting back in a distorted way. Thought at the time that it reminded me of her video and if you watch her holding her camera in the Hard Copy video you will see a silver reflective logo on the front.

  28. One of the things she was saying was that we all ask about why don't they come down and fix the evil people . She said that the light beings only gravitate towards the positive and pure people. ... She said it like if you or me smlel a bag of garbage or poop we are repulsed by it and won't go near it it's the same with them and dangerous or negative people. She also told a story of how she was taken aboard their ship and they were amongst the general population and noone could see them but they are right there amongst us

  29. Wouldn’t surprise me if these crafts are just empty drones. Similar to the robots we’ve sent to mars except thousand of years ahead of our technology.

  30. This is an old news article not just someone posting pics. This is an elderly woman who like abductees cases and Whitley Schrieber under went several psychological exams as well as numerous polygraph tests and had her pics analyzed by specialists to see if they were bullshyt. Reminds me of the Amachizia stories of repeated contact in Italy. Not Adamski or Billy Meir whose claims seemed to be based on money or some agenda other then the facts

  31. Another smoking gun evidence yet people care more about their own lives and paying rent then the greatest discovery in human history.Make it make sense.

  32. Humans are a social species. Thus far, fair or not, UFOs are relegated to anti-social behavior. Given this, there is no mystery as to why everyday people (even Sister Sledge) ignore compelling evidence..

  33. Somebody needs a better camera. With he quality of cameras now, nobody has a right to claim a pic is of aliens or bigfoot unless the pic is CLEARLY of aliens or bigfoot

  34. Dorothy Izatt was a nice granny with an old camera recording things in the sky and then experiencing pareidolia. The thought of her communicating with Aliens (as she claimed) and asking them to turn their lights on in the spaceship so she could record them is ridiculous.

  35. Izatt is a hoaxer. She takes images of ordinary things and subjects them to long exposures, or induces multiple exposures by jiggling the batteries/power loose on her camera, or induces motion blur, or manipulates the shutter. No serious person has taken her seriously in decades.

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