Putin Is Preparing to Flee When Russia Loses War, Ex-Aide Says

  1. He thinks he's going to live in South America. The only thing keeping him alive is his stock pile of nukes

  2. I actually doubt the US would bother getting him. Ukraine however...they're going to hunt him where-ever he goes, and they're not going to be squeamish about getting caught doing it, either. Think Israel after WW2.

  3. this has been reported elsewhere, the source was very speculative, and the destination was south amercia, either Argentina or venezuela, apparantly it was an old oil executive friend that was making the arrangements, it sounded more like wishful thinking so didn't bother psoting the other article, putin doen't live in our reality so wouldn't make these kind of arrangements, in his reality he owns one third of the world and what he says is real is real.

  4. It is wishful thinking lol Putin wouldn’t run outside of Russia for anything… there’s so much land there and all his money and power is there, he wouldn’t leave. He has people that would protect him for life in russia and has a few mansions spread out.

  5. I respect Abbas, but all this "insider" information is nothing more than earning likes on people's hopes. Recently Max Katz made a separate video about it.

  6. Either he succeeds in making a deal with a possible successor so he can stay in the country or he will have an appointment with a window or tea.

  7. Makes sense in case of a nuclear conflict between the US and russia. *If* there's a safer place it would be in the southern hemisphere.

  8. He won't be safe. Oligarchs will want him dead. Ukranians will want him dead. Winnie the Pooh never heard of the guy. Everyone else will want him at the Hague.

  9. UKraine will probably offer 5 million in gold bullion a piece to anyone who takes them out. There are a lot conscripts, and ex-russian special ops who would like to take him and his kind out. And then there are the Ukrainian SSO and other nefarious enterprising young men. The Poles, Georgians, Chechens and the Baltic states have no love for Lilly Putin. Little Putler has made so many enemies.

  10. For anyone keeping score it goes Reddit → DailyBeast → Telegram → apparently former speechwriter → unnamed source of unknown reliability → allegedly insider information → unnamed source of unknown reliability

  11. He will be killed 100% in Switzerland. I think he would prefer South America where he can hire a huge amount of heavily armed guys.

  12. Venezuela is becoming a popular tourist destination for Russians. Not even kidding, they have a daily charter to Margarita Island.

  13. Where could he possibly go, that will be out of reach of those who will want to see him squirm at The Hague war crimes trials? I see no possible "happy" ending for this dictator, with him living out a peaceful "retirement".

  14. Okay, but how does Putin know he won't be considered expendable the moment he's in-country and his check clears ? He's been treating others that way for so long, it's kind of his default setting.

  15. The only place he is safe from the Ukrainian Special Forces is where he is right now. As soon as he steps out of Russia they will hunt him down and they won't stop until they have his head on a pike outside the Ukrainian Parliament

  16. He should just go to Germany. They are eager to get relations with him back to normal. Free backsies. He can even stay in Olaf Scholz's house. He can flee Russia through the Nord Stream pipeline - like he's James Bond or something. It's a straight shot.

  17. It has just occurred to me that this may not be that far fetched. If you think about it how much is actually known about pootin? I don’t think anyone really knows who his real parents were, he did a good job of hiding his daughters and his affair with kabaeva. Thing is he might just disappear. Unless of course he does suffer from serious illnesses in which case fleeing won’t be that much possible

  18. After rulling russia fo 20 years, startng a war and fucking all relationships with most of the countries, also lying to your people and wasting them like trash on the battlefield, you just like - i am quitting? And i thought its complicated to leave my shitty job…

  19. Im from Argentina. Peronism/Kirchnerism here is collapsing. They need a dictatorship with no possibilities for the oposition. Nicaragua is close to US. Venezuela sounds logical

  20. Sochi, look for putin there. He will be enjoying the fantastic waterfront views while Russians are forced to mop up his disaster and deal with the blowback of Russians' slaughter of so many innocent people. Kick putin (even if in Sochi).

  21. Yeah great - you're going to get Prigozhin as the next leader since Putin offed all the moderate candidates.

  22. No he isn't. Most Russian dissidents in exile can be presumed to be full of shit unless they provide evidence for their claims.

  23. Where would he run? Almost the entire world would want him to answer for his crimes, and I doubt his Allies in China, Iran and North Korea would take him in, if anything they’ll cut all ties with him with China probably sending assassins to tie up loose ends, Even if he manages to hide somewhere in the wilderness of Russia he could only survive for so long until one of his bodyguards decide to sell him out for a fat Bounty that would probably be on his head at that point.

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