[Ohio] Chime Card LWA

  1. Lol if we owed ODFSJ money and some comical amount of errors on our end were to happen I'd doubt they'd be so understanding. They'd charge us interest and fees.

  2. I'm on with odjfs now so I'll see what they say.....the woman said that chime is sending payments back, and odjfs is working to correct the issue and resend out payments, she said just keep an eye on the account. So hopefully something changes here soon.

  3. A rep told me earlier, when this was first discovered, that we'd have to wait for the US Bank debit card to be mailed out. Hopefully this isn't the case, if we are stuck waiting another week or two because of their screw up I'll be livid.

  4. I always get mine by 4:30pm every Monday but nothing today. Not even my regular weekly unemployment benefits.

  5. Yea this is some bs especially when I’ve been waiting to pay family and friends back and actually pay some bills and look we’re still waiting

  6. I got an email from chime saying they sent mine back cuz the name was wrong on the deposit!! For both the 1800 and the usual payment!!! This is unbelievable!!!

  7. Ya happened to me to but the pay stub they emailed me had my correct name chime is a joke bc I had 2 payments 1 my regular and then the Lwa so ur tellin me they both had wrong name ?

  8. I just spoke to ui and was told they are hoping to have them all resent by Friday at the latest. But could hit any time including today as they are working on it until 7 today. I know that’s not much help. Just what I was told 5 min ago

  9. I spoke with a rep over chat. Said they're still working on resolution and have no time frame. So seems like today is out of the picture. Hopefully you hear different. Let us know.

  10. I was called by ODJFS and told that if your bank has returned the deposit, you’re in better shape than most. They can’t reprocess it until they receive it back. I was told chime ppl are fortunate in that respect because it was immediately halted and returned where as other banks with matching name requirements have yet to return it. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll hit like it should’ve yesterday at its usual time of 4:11 pm. Desperate don’t Even begin to describe the feeling rn. Sigh.

  11. Yep, when I spoke to ODJFS yesterday around 4pm, they had already received one deposit back. Hopefully it's figured out sooner than later. Thanks for updating.

  12. Mine hasn't showed up either. I got the email about both checks being returned to unemployment offices, it seems the only people that are getting their checks deposited at 11:45 p.m. on September 23rd are the people that never received an email about the I'm matching names on the check's

  13. There was someone who responded to me below that said they got theirs around 1145, and also had gotten email from Chime on Monday about their original deposits being returned. I thought that was why I hadn't gotten my deposit with the rest of them, but I do t believe so now.

  14. Anyone of us remaining to get paid, check your portals. I woke up to two correspondence messages about payments dated for today. Looks like it's finally fixed completely. Good news, y'all.

  15. Just talked with ODJFS and they said that they are still working to resolve the issue and that there's no time limit on when it will be done. Just keep looking out for it.

  16. Ugh. Thanks so much for the update. I was expecting there to be a note on the unemployment website or something but nothing.

  17. I was hoping to see an update on the portal, like a new payment date, or a correspondence message, something. But no changes. The worst part of Chime is not being able to tell if they have any pending deposits. They just have you waiting.

  18. An article said they hope to have it fixed Tuesday night (yesterday) and reissue them. So hopefully before Friday we’ll see it

  19. If your payment had been rejected, then your in good shape and should expect the payment to be reissued pretty quick. If your deposit was not rejected, then your gonna be waiting awhile (indeterminate). The answers they have been giving are the feel good ones, but they clearly have a much bigger problem and delay than they would like to admit.

  20. Was just told all the regular payments and lwa got lumped together and that what bret Crowe said is right. Was told if nothing by friday to call back. 🙄🙄

  21. What do they mean lumped together? And what Bret told me was it should be deposited today, and to email him back if it's not there by 530pm.

  22. A rep just told me it will take 72hrs for them to receive those payments that was rejected and returned. That’s the email she received yesterday and she don’t know about the things that was said in the article everyone keep calling about. At this point I think they just saying stuff because they’re the volunteers that’s helping the process center. None of it makes sense and back to waiting around again🙄🙄🙄

  23. Mine changed from "cancel warrant" to paid within the past hour! Which is a good thing, that means that you and me should get paid today sometime!

  24. Colorado here, I use Chime and haven't received a cent... but also know of other Coloradoans with Chime that say they have gotten theirs... unsure if Chime problem or State Gov problem.

  25. Our problem here in Ohio was on the State's end. They distributed many direct deposit payments under the name "JOHN DBOE" so Chime automatically returned the payments, since the payee name didn't match the name on the account.

  26. I just emailed bret Crowe. Highly doubt I'll get an email back. Probably just as incompetent as the reps. But I guess we'll see

  27. Apparently under your paid history some people's paid/paid fac are changing to "canceled warrant" seems like a step towards re issuing the deposits.

  28. I spoke to a rep as well but she was quite vague, however, she said something along the lines of what you just said. Hopefully we all see something soon.

  29. California they won't let us transfer from the EDD debit card to Chime anymore. It used to be fine but in July it stopped they told me there's some new law passed here that deemed Chime a pre paid bank.

  30. I started using it because I get my deposits earlier but it’s not worth it! I am done after this. They sent me the email that they returned my deposits but said they couldn’t tell me nothing else and the guy acted like it was no big deal. I’m completely done with Chime.

  31. I spoke with a rep at chime, she told me that she didnt see any pending deposits from odjfs on my account, maybe odjfs caught it before chime had a chance to send the payment back.

  32. Just spoke to ODJFS rep, said they have been working on the issue all day and will be resending the payments which should be received within 24-48 hours (Tuesday-Wednesday) at the latest. I have chime also and haven’t received an email or benefit payments as of yet.

  33. That's what I'm thinking, as well. I called ODJFS and they saw that my payment was processed recently, but I never got an email from Chime saying it was rejected, so maybe they did catch it before ALL of them went out.

  34. My rep told me that they couldn’t see mine either and I had already got the email saying it was returned????? What??? Good luck. Please update if u get yours or hear anything. Hopefully they caught it in time for you.

  35. Surprisingly, I received my LWA and regular weekly a little after 1 pm. My deposit is typically between 4 and 5pm Mondays. The LWA money was a total shock, as there were no payments showing on my PUA account today. Then for me to get an early deposit, man was I relieved.

  36. Mine too. Wrong name. I’m sorry but it’s nice to not be the only one having this problem. I’m literally crying right now! Chime wouldn’t tell me what name it came in but they won’t accept any payment with the wrong name at all!

  37. Yes please! This is exactly what I thought as soon as I seen my deposit was rejected! I immediately thought, 2020 strikes again!

  38. I thought it was weird that both my regular unemployment payment and LWA payment weren’t posted by 5pm. It’s slightly reassuring that others are having the same issue and I’m not the only one.

  39. So, I also have chime. They actually block some states from direct depositing to the respective bank accounts of members in those states from unemployment. Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Maryland.

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