Van Life.

  1. Taking the piss out of van life content creators who always pose their fake cosy perfect life of pumpkin spice lattes (homemade, duh) and Blankets and ~living authentically~

  2. I think it’s meant to make fun of a particular van life video of a guy getting up, pouring himself some coffee, opening up the door to a beautiful lake, then jumping into the lake. The coffee thing i feel was just an over exaggeration to be “funny”.

  3. It’s a reference to another popular video that is very similar to this, where a person pours coffee into a cup, spills a small amount, but it doesn’t matter because after pouring the cup, he opens his door and jumps into a lake that he’s parked next to, coffee still in hand.

  4. I think this specific video is just to poke fun of all those perfectly manicured moments people set up for the camera. They unzip the tent door and there’s magically a perfect pot of coffee atop a small wood fire then the camera pans out to some gigantic snow capped mountains. This video is just the exact opposite of that.

  5. This is the first time I saw this trend, and I actually laughed pretty good about the spilling. I guess every people have different perspectives.

  6. Do something stupid in the video so people comment on said stupid thing, driving up engagement and increasing the chance of the video going viral. I do think he is taking the piss more so here though.

  7. I get what he’s making fun of but now that I’m almost 30 I’m just upset with the mess he’s going to have to clean up :/

  8. I don't think the pouring of the coffee was supposed to be the particularly funny part, just parodying social media influencers.

  9. Walmart allows 24/7 camper parking for free, provided the vehicle isn't being stored there permanently.

  10. fr the comment above yours is “what a shit video” like these people just wake up seething looking for something to get upset about

  11. No! This is serious! You need to tighten up! Wasting bottled coffee like that will kill the environment! There are starving kids in Africa who don't have access to cold brew! How dare you!

  12. So my sister decided to “move in” with her boyfriend in his van. My whole family had the typical reaction of NO! But even though I had a similar feeling I knew it’d work out just fine in the end. This is exactly why. The “freedom” is bullshit. You now rely on other things like gas stations, Walmarts and usually the grungiest of places just to shit. No warm showers, public toilets only. No home cooked meals, just overpriced crap wherever you can get it. Oh and don’t get sick. Lol.

  13. My kids mom and her husband decided to ditch our kids and live in a van. Not like this sprinter van but a Chevy 2500 scooby doo van. Nothing in it besides a bed and no ac. My kids get to sleep on hotel room floors every other weekend unless they go camping. It’ll be interesting when freezing temperatures hit since it’s not insulated. The kicker is they own a house and are renting it out to choose to be homeless because they don’t want to supplement their income when she lost child support.

  14. I will say that digging a hole in the woods and shitting in that is 100x more satisfying than any gas station or Walmart. Supermarkets are usually not too bad, but I prefer pooping with a view when we’ve done summer long road trips lol.

  15. It’s what you make of it. It’s not definitely for everybody but I’ve always enjoyed after years of living in various vehicles (nothing super expensive like the vanfluencer shit you see on the internet). I lived many states, work in beautiful touristy areas where I can rack up money and not worry about actually paying for rent to live there. If I get tired or burnt out on a place, I just leave, there’s always another ski resort, beach town, or some other place that needs bartender, servers, kayak guides, or whatever. Money really isn’t much of a problem for me. I’m not rich but I went from constantly living check to check in Los Angeles, to having enough to go out to expensive restaurants and shit without worrying about it all. I still live exactly like everyone else, I have a guitar, a laptop, cell phone, basically all the same entertainment type shit someone with an apartment has. I do feel way more freedom than when I was commuting an hour plus everyday just barely making ends meet. The downsides are similar to what said though. I lived in Hawaii for winters and I had to get used to cold beach showers, but luckily on the mainland, I have a gym membership to a chain so there’s a lot a places I can take warm showers. Yeah, using public toilets sometimes sucks, you get used to it. I grew up poor, life was never easy anyway. I can see how if people grew up in a really privileged home and were pampered their whole life then, yeah, this whole lifestyle would absolutely sucks. But if grow up constantly stressing about money and your neighborhood and apartment sucks, then this life is 1000x better.

  16. i lived in a van for a year. i cooked all my meals, i used my own wc with my hot shower daily and i parked almost always by a lake. most of the time alone. it was great and next time a virus come up, ill' do it all over again.

  17. Bummer for her! We just did 6 weeks in a truck with all home-cooked meals and mostly shit in the woods complete with a full-size shovel for cat holes and a backcountry bidet. You’re right about the showers, though. And i relied on our kitchen to dehydrate about 1/3rd of our ingredients beforehand.

  18. The pours purpose is to break expectations of the beautiful ig van life scroll where thwy get there coffee and pan to a glscier or some shit. Its the momwnt when u realize its all kinda shit

  19. I think I recognize tos guys van from videos he makes on YouTube. I’m pretty sure he spends most of his time camping out in the wilderness, but you’ve got to come back at least sometimes to restock stuff and have Internet for a little bit.

  20. Don’t forget needing to find a Planet Fitness so you can take a shower or needing to bury your waste every time you goto the bathroom out in the nature.

  21. Lots of people install pop up showers in their van. All they have to do is refill a water barrel when they are in town.

  22. Do you think these people can’t shower any other way? A lot of these vans have showers and many have an outdoor setup. Being near a PF or any gym is not required at all

  23. TTTHEFINEPRINTTT on youtube, he has a tour of it there. Dude deadass has a gaming setup in his van, it's sick.

  24. Most of the people ragging on the fact that van lifers are so close to someplace like Walmart probably can't even look out their own window without seeing their own personal civil hell. Other people's houses, cars on the street, maybe even your own local Walmart. But the house people don't care because they just don't go outside. The van guy can also just not go outside.

  25. If you van life in places that get 100+ degrees you kinda have that coming to you. You can quite literally drive to colder weather if you'd rather.

  26. The entire point of van life is to be mobile. I'm not sure why you would choose to sit and cook in triple digit heat when you can literally drive your house to a different location.

  27. Ngl I think it would’ve been funnier if he just poured the coffee normally and then slowly opened the door and then it was a Walmart parking lot instead of ruining the seriousness with the purposeful overflowing of the cup to ruin the sense of surprise.

  28. Lol I did the van life thing for a couple years, that’s what most people don’t realize, I’ve spent most of my time in shady truck stops and Walmart parking lots. Maybe 10% of it was nature and of that maybe a few spots were instagram worthy lol

  29. Holy shit I can't believe how many people are triggered by the spill and the video in general lmao. With all the try-hard bs videos out there I thought this was pretty funny.

  30. God there's so much salt in this thread just because people sometimes live in vans and post pictures to Instagram. Imagine getting this upset over something that doesn't affect you at all...

  31. Jesus Christ people spend too much time on the internet if this video triggers rage inside you. It was a funny twist making fun of those living "perfect" lives in nature.

  32. Videos like this are entertaining because not only do you have the use of a trend that may or may not be enjoyed like spilling but you’ve also got the countless people in the comment section being “triggered” by something so very inconsequential.

  33. This guy has a youtube channel, hes actually got some cool content, he lives (obviously) and pc games in his van. He works in the film production industry, so he travels around for work.

  34. I recognize that van, Thefineprinttt. This must be old though because he has a proper gaming chair now.

  35. I follow this guy on YouTube and he literally makes a living on van life/gaming YouTube videos, twitch streaming via starlink, and some film work making the hacker screen animations for tv and movies.

  36. Why is everyone bitching about the video? I found it funny. All of you guys need to take those polls out of your asses and start doing something productive with them, like beating peoples to death, or strip dancing, or something

  37. One option is converting a cargo trailer or a box van, or you could have something with a pop-up top. It takes some searching but there are 7' wide and 7' tall options, allowing for that width-wise bed.

  38. I don’t understand the videos of people dumping liquid out everyone. All I can hear while watching it, is my mom yelling at me to clean my mess up all while calling me an idiot for doing something like that. Ps. I’m a 36 year old man.

  39. I love how the dog goes “you got a mess just for me to clean” then backs up after he proceeds to get the dog soaked “now I’m the mess..”

  40. Rich kids. That's why he's bitching about a view he picked out himself. And why the van looks so nice.

  41. This guy is awesome, he has a youtube channel, even Elon Musk tweeted about him cuz he uses starlink in the middle of nowhere

  42. I spilled an entire cup of coffee on my desk by accident a few hours ago and now my whole cubicle smells like stale caffeine. Fuck this guy for making me remember that shit

  43. I just don't think I would feel "Safe". Shit a guy charging his Tesla just got car jacked while he was in it! They went two blocked up, tried to use his credit card and were grabbed by the police. Shortest joy ride ever. Also ask a girl to "come back to my place" and walk her out to the parking lot. LMAO

  44. I have no trouble believing that view. Van people often stay in Walmart parking lots. Walmart invites them. They are the ideal Walmart shopper.

  45. Reminds me of that guy screaming about a van down by the river well, i took his advice and im not far from a van down by the river in this economy lol

  46. Actual van life in the suburbs. I'd like to see the urban version where you have to let the guy know you're calling the cops as he's trying to take your converter at 2am.

  47. let me wake up, open a bottle, crack the door and then re-wrap myself up in a blanket and pull my phone out. social media clicks ruined us

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