Dolly Parton celebrates her Imagination Library program: "A total of 186 million books have been mailed out since Parton launched the program in 1995"

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  2. Please keep in mind this program is actually run by and funded by local non profits. Please make sure to give them the credit. Dolly Partons program is only available in places where a non profit decided to run it.

  3. Also worth considering, the more successful a community's Imagination Library program is the more it costs them to run it.

  4. My son is an incredible reader! At 7 years old, he could read better than many of my college students. Dolly’s books, and my wife’s reading with him every night worked miracles.

  5. As soon as my sister gave birth, I signed my nieces up for the Imagination Library. I tell all my friends who give birth to sign up. I love this program <3

  6. I'm so grateful my local non profit was able to get these books to us for my son . I cherish those days, dolly is a beautiful human being.

  7. I learned about this a few years ago and signed my kid up. We buy a lot of books anyway, but he still loves getting one one in the mail every month. Really cool program for those who can't afford to buy a lot of books.

  8. My kifs have been getting a free book in the mail every month for a couple years now. It's pretty awesome.

  9. Women like Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey who did not have biological children of their own but helped to nurture, support and mother what likely number in the millions I still don't think get enough credit for this type of work they do. They are the Aunties of the World.

  10. Dolly Parton is living proof that you can have a multitude of qualities and still exist, like, in the real world

  11. Was about to question how many of those 186 million books have been banned lately, but I truly do not wish to be banned from

  12. Dolly would be to classy to say it, but I wonder what she thinks of libraries being forced to ban books by Republicans.

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