Thoughts on Aerial Evolution? I've seen a lot of people saying it's awful but it's one of my favorite skins for Valkyrie

  1. My opinion is that it’s an okay skin but I’ve got a bunch that are way cooler so I never use it.

  2. My 3rd favorite skin. I don’t understand the hate either. My squad mate absolutely shits on it when I use it lol.

  3. Yeah i don't really get why people are salty, like the skin is good and yeah sometimes i feel a little cheap using battlepass skins cause yeah a lot of people have them. I don't really care tho

  4. I honestly thought the entire battle pass that skin and other came from wasn't the best. I'll run the volt skin cause reactive and nothing else but there are better horizon and valk skins.

  5. love it because its pink but not a fan of the hair, wish i was actively playing during the time it was available

  6. I'm kinda in the other side of the spectrum when it comes to the visor and hair; I like them quite a lot. Irregular skins are my favorite, especially the bug themed ones. I wouldn't say it's her best skin personally, but I'd say it's a pretty solid skin imo.

  7. I can't stand the bug theme when it comes to skins, like the Battle Pass Volt skin. Not even because it's creeping me out or anything, I just don't find bio-mechanics particularly cool.

  8. Hate it solely because of the headpiece. Sometimes it glitches and doesn’t show up and the skin is badass after that.

  9. Great skin cool legendary and all to impress your friends but it sticks out like a sore thumb unless maybe you are in worlds edge in a field with pink flowers but still and the goggles just look awful

  10. It’s fine, but they’ve released much better Valk skins recently (Slingshot & Fluorescent Tech specifically)

  11. reapawn has a habit (imo) of making the best skins then just adding the worst face additions, helmet, makeup, ect it's so shitty every time

  12. I think it's very good, I just don't like that it was a bp skin everyone and their cousins got, kinda stupid but it defeats the whole being a Valk main thing for me when the skin is that mainstream.

  13. I mean, this was back in season 9 so a lot of people don't have this skin, it's pretty rare that i see someone else with it

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