Here's what happens right after you get elected to Congress - Jeff Jackson

  1. Are you given money to hire staff? How are you affording all these new lifestyle changes? Did you need to resign from your current job?

  2. There's a rebalancing that occurs when your life changes in multiple ways at once. My schedule looks completely different, I have to be more conscious about security, my email inbox is dramatically busier (friends, family, and constituents), and then I've got my own legislative agenda to build out. Figuring out how to best incorporate staff to help me execute in all these areas is going to be really important. But in general, right now it's about keeping my head above water so I can be purposeful about the direction I'm trying to move each day, and I think I'll get more efficient with that over time. I haven't had to leave anything behind per se, but so much was just added that I need a whole new approach in order to get everything done. Will take some time.

  3. Please don’t take a dime from bribers, sorry “lobbyists”. Please make it your life’s goal to overturn Citizens United. This is the only thing that matters in this world, ridding it of fucking greed!!

  4. This was a really cool read, thank you for sharing. I honestly can’t imagine meeting national political figures and sharing a workspace with them, please keep us in the loop and good luck!

  5. Fixed budget, no fixed positions but a typical setup is sent to new members and is pretty popular. No strict requirements on qualifications, but for positions like Legislative Director it’s overwhelmingly common to hire someone who has been a Legislative Assistant. Lots of staffers use new sessions as an opportunity to move up a couple rungs on the ladder. So far, all the staff folks I’ve met have been really impressive. Not like Veep at all!

  6. This is great communication with people Congressman! Thank you and congratulations! Keep up the good work 👍🏼💙

  7. That’s awesome. Please keep updating. I think a lot of distrust in Congress comes from people not really sure what Congressmen do day to day. It would be nice if someone did regular updates like this.

  8. I think this type of transparency into the process is refreshing and enlightening. Voters should know what their representatives do and how they do it. I look forward to reading more.

  9. Thank you for this candid transparency. Very refreshing and insightful. I look forward to more updates when you can spare the time.

  10. So look, I know what sub this is. But I’m tired and my eyes are tired and I could have sworn you just told Representative Jackson that “it’s the power bottom.” And I was quite confused.

  11. Thank you for sharing an insight we don't really get to hear first hand much. Looking forward to hearing more!

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