Abandoned house in Brazil became a scorpion nest

  1. When I was a kid in Texas, they would get inside the walls and climb out of the ceiling fan. There's nothing quite like watching a scary movie at night and having a scorpion fall on your shoulder.

  2. I’m 99% sure OPs title is completely bullshit. This looks more like a commercial breeding place for insects. They’re either raised for food or the pet trade (judging by the conditions I’d say for food which is popular in asia) there’s no way a colony this large could live without being fed by someone

  3. They can't climb smooth surfaces like spiders can, but just a little bit of roughness and they can grab hold.

  4. They only need like one or two crickets every two to three weeks and if needed they can go near 12 months with no food as long as they have water. I'm guessing after they grow a bit they leave to get food, crickets aren't exactly rare.

  5. Short shitty scary story time!My bed is right up against my window and I have long black-out curtains that drape pretty close to where my head is when sleeping. One night I woke up and happen to be laying on my back so my eyesight was pointed straight up the curtains.As my eyes focus I see one crawling down it coming towards me. I normally really don't like to kill bugs but scorpions and wasps are from hell and they do not deserve the gentle rehoming efforts of some spiders.That boy was squashed so fuckin fast and flushed down the toilet but the thought of that thing coming towards me had me sleeping on the couch the rest of the night. What if I hadn't woken up right then? Where could it have gone? Modern human sleep is such a strange thing evolutionarily wise. We are so vulnerable.

  6. I made the mistake when visiting my uncle in Arizona of attending a presentation at the local library about the local poisonous animals. The only scorpion that had a sting deadly enough to kill a child, didn't leave a mark on the sting AND was the only scorpion that could climb straight vertical (bark scorpion). That plus a few other facts had my sister and I pretty damn scared for years every time we visited.

  7. Don’t know but am guessing it’s probably seasonably cold there, so they huddle to conserve what little heat they have, but still running a nearly dormant metabolic system…

  8. I assume insects in Brazil aren't uncommon but yeah....how can that many scorpions survive? I wonder if mice or rats just wander in a lot. I mean that should be enough for quite a few scorpions right?

  9. The last time this was posted someone pointed out that this is a commercial breeding facility for the Chinese market

  10. Yup, I've seen this three or four times now with that explanation. It's doesn't even look like a house, it's stalls.

  11. Doesn't look like it's commercial, he's saying in Portuguese: " oh my god look this house that I found here, full of scorpions, this is crazy"

  12. Looking for these comments. Many of the times it’s an funny exaggeration… but I fully agree with this one this time… 🔥 🏠 🔥

  13. All the scorpions knew about the abandoned house. It was the biggest event of the scorpion social calendar, and everyone who was anyone was there.

  14. Like, what are these things eating? How could they grow beyond larva or egg to just carpet a non-biological surface? I’d be more worried about how many gnats or mosquitos they had to pluck from the air! That’s not soil where life is supposed to thrive!

  15. this dude has to much self trust I wouldn't wanna be within 5 miles of that house if i wanna video ill go grab the Hubble telescope. Some of them where hanging upside down.. New Fear Unlocked.

  16. I don't live in an area with scorpions so i don't really know anything about them. They're so cool. Like, what is their purpose? Are they mostly venomous? Why is their tail also their stinger? Absolutely nuts.

  17. What is the purpose of anything? I'm sure that, like spiders, they help keep the insect population in check. Every species of scorpion is venomous. The strength of their venom varies from species to species, but the basic way you can tell is by the size of their claws. The african emperor scorpion, the big black one that you see in most movies and TV has large claws but it's sting is only about as venomous as that of a bee. One of the most venomous scorpions is the Fattail scorpion who's claws are tiny but has a very thick tail.

  18. I love that everytime this video gets reposted on a sub or tiktok a different country is referenced. I saw one where they said Afghanistan and one that said northern Mexico. Now it's Brazil lol

  19. Apply flamethrower, which will turn this nightmare either into a nightmare on fire OR into a buffet, depending on what kind of person you are.

  20. FINALLY someone who has the same thought! It's good eating. Deep fried and salted, it tastes a lot like soft shell crab

  21. When I see stuff like that I think, what the hell do they eat? If they just hatched its one thing, but if they are all fully grown what food source in the area is enough for all of them?

  22. Totally unrelated but you can make some homemade napalm with a little bit of styrofoam, gasoline, and acetone. Have a good day my friends.

  23. This legit made me very happy, I love scorpions and would do my nut if I stumbled upon this. Ironically, if it was spiders I would burn the house down and run away screaming. Selective arachnophobia I suppose.

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