don't irritate animals

  1. I was wondering how he did that until I realized the orangutan was holding the man’s leg with one hand and one foot. That’s a serious advantage!

  2. Saw a thing where they put a handle with a scale on it sticking into a chimpanzee enclosure back in the early 1900s. A female did a one handed pull of 1200 pounds.

  3. There is a beautiful, solitary Orangutan in the city zoo in Hong Kong which I have sat and admired, watching her extraordinary body move. They are quite eerie to look at in person. Quite beautiful and quite terrifying at the same time.

  4. I do feel like this is probably an animal that is just looking for interaction and entertainment. I don’t know how well or poorly that ends for this man but it’s probably just a caged orangutan looking for stimulation.

  5. Great apes, lesser apes, and monkeys are all extremely strong and dangerous for their size, even the vegetarian gorillas and orangutans are built like unstoppable brutes and smaller monkeys like golden monkeys have tiger-like canine teeth.

  6. I saw an orangutang casually throw a tractor wheel with one hand. I am a big dude and could likely just drag thst wheel. Do NOT mess with apes.

  7. Our evolutionary ancestors used to be strong like that as well. We gave up most of that muscle density so that we could stand up straighter and run longer distance. That along with sweating we don't even have to be faster than our prey, we can just keep pursuing them till they fall over from heat exhaustion. Then stab stab stab.

  8. Lucky that orang was just bored. He could have snapped that leg in half without even trying hard if he wanted to.

  9. i think the commenter above may actually be correct, i think he just wants a hug. he doesn't look particularly aggravated or aggressive. just holding on with ridiculous monkey strength.

  10. I think I read somewhere that they usually go for ripping off their opponents genitals in the wild. I think I'd rather have my leg snapped.

  11. I wanted to find out what happened and instead of getting more information, I instead found an an article that had no new information but included this little tidbit:

  12. This dreadful, sordid tale was on Reddit a few years ago and I had, until your comment, mercifully forgotten this horrendous story. Please, don't look it up - it's deeply unsettling what people will do (and PAY to do).

  13. So, is that the real AIDS origin story? The "guy had sex with a monkey" story is really "many guys raped monkey chained to wall?"

  14. When I was a kid my Dad spent two hours teasing a tiger in a cage at a small city zoo. The next day that tiger got ahold of a lady and tore her arm off.

  15. I worked a summer at the S.F. Zoo. I knew the tiger that killed those 2 guys. She could have escaped whenever. When she did, she specifically hunted them down and didn't hurt anyone else. Fucking sucmbags :(

  16. To frame this in a more painful context, maybe the orangutan wasn’t trying to harm him, but begging for his help…

  17. Probably not happy about that cage it’s in. Orangutans should be free. Checking into hotels like Dunston, and going on adventures with Clint Eastwood like Clyde.

  18. They are small compared to us and I promise you they are stronger than you. Does anyone remember watching one of these play tug of war with a sumo wrestler and seeing the orangutan just embarrass the sumo?

  19. What's interesting is the orangutan probably wasn't even being aggressive, but was rather just curious and doesn't realize its own strength; they're incredibly mild-mannered and there are no recorded cases of them killing or seriously injuring a human.

  20. People just don’t realize they are messing with an animal that can hold it’s body weight by it’s fingers. Let that sink in. Dude never stood a chance.

  21. Not just hold its body weight, but jump out of one tree into another dropping through the air and grabbing onto a branch, possibly one handed, and catching themselves. Even just a 5 foot drop makes a super athletic human catching their weight on their arms incredibly difficult.

  22. I mean bruh, I train hanging myself by my fingers to improve grip strength for rock climbing too, and I'm not even close to being as strong as these apes. Maybe world's strongest man or elite rock climbers are somewhat comparable.

  23. Yelled that at a minor league hockey game during a fight because my brother dared me to, the old drunk dudes behind us thought it was the best thing ever.

  24. It appears to me that he gave a "hug me gesture" to the orangutan at the beginning of the video. Then the orangutan decided to give consent. Human then fear farts. So yes. Fear fart was heard by me as well!

  25. People always have the smartest ideas of what to do in a situation when they’re NOT in it. Panic really fucks you up and won’t let you make the best decisions.

  26. Yeah bro, really easy to take of your shirt when all your strength is currently holding yourself away form a fycking orangutang.

  27. What's the context? I didn't see anything in their hands. Plus, that orangutan could've snapped them in 2 but didn't?

  28. Definitely don’t mess with an animal with essentially four hands who can bench press you with only one of them.

  29. Remember that video where an under ocean pipe has a crack and the pressure difference sucks a crab in through a tiny hole that is in no way big enough for it to fit? Delta P it is called ...

  30. That Orang is just teaching the guy a lesson not to fuck with it. They are strong enough, if it wanted to it would have snapped his leg in half and pulled his body through the bars. That was the Orang equivalent of a love tap.

  31. Yea I don't think most people realize just how much stronger apes and monkeys are than humans, per unit of mass. For example, your average chimp, which probably weighs around 100 lbs, is probably stronger than the strongest humans (which weigh in at 350-400 lbs).

  32. This is actually a common misconception. Chimps are certainly stronger pound for pound but it's not by nearly so wide a margin.

  33. That monkey is smart. It knew to have the element of surprise and grabs his shirt but with an underhand grab then knows to grip it further up so it doesn’t rip. It knows that other guy is trying to help and bats him away then goes straight for the leg grab when he realises he can’t get his hands. He looks proper chill while doing it too.

  34. If it was a chimpanzee he would have lost his leg in a snap. Orangutans are quite peaceful but obviously incredibly strong. Chimps are just like us humans. Cunts and they like to kill things 😂

  35. I saw a fight once where someone grabbed a shirt like that. The wearer instantly leant forward with arms up and the shirt slipped straight off. Then he headbutted the other guy. Afterwards he sauntered off shirtless into the sunny distance. Was in Scotland obviously.

  36. Easier said than done. Shit like that happens fast, not much time to think. Plus, the monke would likely have grabbed a hand, or even hair if he tried to do that. No great solution without help from someone else.

  37. Just kiss him and pet his head, he just wants love and a hug, a bone breaking hug but bones heal anyway so… lol

  38. Every time something like this is posted the comments are a large collection of people who just wiki’d how strong apes are, and 500 people have to remind us how strong they are.

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