WTF goes on in this bedroom?

  1. I mean, people with disabilities have sex too. This is a weird video, but not because anything all that weird is actually happening.

  2. She seems a bit hesitant... "no I can't do that" vs "the guy filming promised $50 extra and my ass won't even hurt"

  3. You’re a good detective. But not good enough because of your baby legs. So I’m partnering you up with regular legs.

  4. People sleep on big lots but I really like their stuff. Yea it’s not the greatest quality sometimes but it does the job.

  5. There has got to be some kind of context to this. Who's filming? Why did she agree to this? How is this guy in this scenario?

  6. My head cannon is that the other guy is his brother/close friend who wanted him the chance to be with a woman so he hired hookers and stayed in the same room for moral support while their 3rd wheel friend said “nah I’m good, I’m not fucking with hookers” and stayed in the corner wondering why tf he went on this trip. And realized how absurd it all was and how he had to tell someone about this experience but no one would believe him and he started recording.

  7. I see a “crying in the shower uncontrollably” moment for the “lady” in red. You can’t scrub this off,water can’t get hot enough.

  8. Girl in red is everyone coming out of a drunken or drug induced stupor only to be hit with the consequences of their actions 😆

  9. I mean, maybe they need a different hooker. This isn't going to end in fun time for anyone involved. Hope the fella gets lucky later on.

  10. No idea if thats it but ive seen sooooooo many goddamn videos by now involving a little dude and a sexy female that are staged and the joke is basically "haha look at the gross little dude trying to get the sexy lady". Thats like, the joke. From the top of my head i recall a woman twerking on a little guy and him pretending to whip his dick out to quickly fuck her before "getting stopped" as the perfect example. it's """comedy"""

  11. That girl in red is really really REALLY thinking about her life choices of the past that got her there,,,,, as well as the meth she’ll buy with the money.

  12. I have a disability, and I honestly don't think it's right to force a prostitute to have sex with someone she's not comfortable with regardless.

  13. No, I really hope she’s not being paid, because she’s shit at her job. I used to be an escort and you have to have a good attitude or else they ain’t gonna want you back. No one is gonna pay just to have you sitting there being sulky.

  14. No is no , her body language is screaming no she even pushed him off and tried getting up . Looks like she’s not there willingly.

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