This is how my overlord box came like from tcgplayer.

  1. Don't know why they thought sending it like this was a good idea. The people I bought it from had alot of good reviews.

  2. I ship cheap MtG booster boxes like this and I know others do to, but the problem is old shaped Weiss boxes I don't think hold up well in a bubble mailer due to the box shape, whereas an MtG box is more flat and rectangular, kind of like the more recent Weiss boxes.

  3. Would definitely ask for a refund or to be sent a new box In actual packaging that’s crazy I’ve ordered from countless people on eBay and have never had anything like that happen that sucks man would try to negotiate something with the vendor

  4. I mean it’s fairly common for individual boxes to be sent from tcgplayer, Amazon, and eBay like that. Reach out to the seller and they’ll refund you.

  5. I’ve seen some issues like that too from amazon as well most places will send you a mother box. If you take photos and follow their complaint policy’s

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