Been having stomach pains the last few days- turns out the PB I eat straight out of the jar was recalled. (don't be like me, check you PB!)

  1. A lot ofJIF brand PB has been recalled over salmonella... and the shitty thing is, some of the stuff is so old that it's already expired - which means more then likely a lot of people have eaten the recalled PB!

  2. There is a form you can fill out online to get reimbursement from Jif. Save your jar because you need some codes from it.

  3. PB is pretty much my favorite food. I eat it a lot because it's cheap and somewhat nutritious. Now the smell of it makes me nauseous.

  4. This is just wrong. Sure call your doctor. But most cases don’t require any special treatment. Drink more water. Rest.

  5. Although I do really appreciate the concern and would highly recommend anyone who is feeling terribly ill to seek medical assistance, it seems most healthy people get over salmonella with out the need for doctor/antibiotics.

  6. If you are eating right out of the jar, I'd wager a guess that the spoon you are dipping back in there has your saliva and mouth bacteria on it. And when you are done, you put the lid back on it and give that bacteria a nice warm dark place to grow and fester.

  7. Straight out the jar = plain peanut butter. One giant serving spoon dip will usually suffice - I do live in a house with other people who may or may not want to eat PB, so I try to act somewhat civil.

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