My second bike just got stolen. I filed a police report but I doubt they’ll do shit about it.

  1. In college I criticized a friend using a small cable lock, saying they're so easy to cut I could do it with a pair of side cutters. He doubted me and bet I couldn't. I pulled out a Leatherman and cut it right in front of him. It took a bit of effort, but for real all it took was a Leatherman and I was through that lock.

  2. A couple of months ago, I posted somewhere else how cable locks can be cut with a $20 cable cutter from Amazon and was downvoted to hell. I don't get that mentality when the evidence is right in the posted picture why you shouldn't use them.

  3. Ulocks are easy to pop open if they are the only lock, pick up the bike, spin it 360 degrees in the air, pop. thats why a 2nd lock makes a Ulock superior (this also works with short chainlocks, but with the lock OP shows, a file and 30 seconds or 1 second big snippers).

  4. Indeed, don't need tools, just a bit of tension and patience. they aren't secure, that's why I use a wrench, take the seat off and problem solved, only certain would steal it..

  5. It doesn't matter how strong the lock mechanism is, when you simply can attack its weakest link. But using a side cutter? now that's just barbaric.

  6. They’re like ~$50-60 I sell these at the bike shop I work at. Still never would use in an area with mid to high crime. Use a U lock.

  7. Cable locks aren't useless. They keep honest people honest. A crime of opportunity can't happen if there is even the most basic level of security.

  8. It's mostly there too keep drunks from taking your bike or just stip someone who sees an opertunity, with cheap locks someone at least needs a tool

  9. Next one hide an AirTag (or similar) on or in the frame / bike. Won’t stop it being nicked but at least you’ll know where it is.

  10. We had an initiative here in Hungary few years ago where they created bait bikes and then tracked them down. It was super cool crime series on youtube basically the whole country waited for the new episodes but then they got into trouble with some street thugs, they got prosecuted for self judgement and violence. It didnt help that the guy who was leading this initiative had some issues with the law from earlier but for the year or so when the series was running it was glorious. They unfolded organized crime groups.

  11. Don’t the air tags alert people if a tag is following them and isn’t theirs? Of course this is if the their is an iPhone user I imagine.

  12. Personally I wouldnt, I am not about to go vigilante with some street thug over a bike. Humans are too fragile to start fucking around with crazier humans.

  13. Dude those cord locks are mickey mouse, easy to cut. Get Kryptonite U-Lock front and back. This won't prevent thief but it will slow down thief to the point they leave your bike alone.

  14. I just started bike riding again, got an e-bike, still getting some odds and ends for it, is there a reason you suggest this specific brand?

  15. Also kryptonite locks offer insurance on your bike if the lock is broken. I don’t remember how much extra it cost me but it wasn’t much.

  16. This is why I will never buy an expensive bike. Every bike I've owned in my entire adult life has been borderline dangerous to ride due to how crappy and run down they've been.

  17. This sucks :/ but if you want to protect something expensive, you also gotta spend a decent amount on a lock. Either a u bolt or one of those thick chain locks abus has. Also check out the lockpicking lawyer on YouTube to choose the best lock for you. No lock is pick proof or cut proof but you can at least make it as annoying and long as possible for the theif or force them to use loud power tools instead of a 30$ bolt cutter they can pick up from the hardware store and is pretty much silent. Also don't make the mistake of getting a super cheap lock for just quick stops. Friend of mine did that with a 3€ shitty wire lock he got from aliexpress and the his e bike was gone in less than an hour. Worst part is he never noted down the frame number so there is no way of tracking it down.

  18. This, I had an Abus ubolt lock, worked like a charm for years, but one too many I would leave my bike locked up in the rain to the point the u bolt lock seized up and wouldn’t release. I went to Lowe’s and bought a decent sized bolt cutter, took damn near an hour of small cuts to the plastic area around the actual lock for it to finally release, woulda have taken multiple hours to cut the u bolt part. Moral of story is any lock can be broken but thieves aren’t gonna spend an hour trying to cut one, so might as well buy a nice one and make it an inconvenience to them

  19. The serial number will be your saving grace. Please include that information with your police report, that is the one thing that can help you get your bicycle back, as it’s engraved in the metal on the frame under the pedals.

  20. Yeah, I hate when people recommend not to file a police report. There was an incident in Toronto where they found a guy who was hoarding stolen bikes (google Igor Cenk if you want the hilarious story), and because no one filed a police report, most of the bikes just sat in storage.

  21. Don't even need to give it in Sweden. My bike got stolen and I never reported it stolen, because seriously, what are the chances I get it back?

  22. What do you expect the police to do? Drive around until they find it? Your best chance of locating you bike is visiting all the pawn shops near the location where your bike was stolen

  23. Check FB marketplace or any online seller in your area instead. Unfortunately they likely take several bikes, go sell them at another local state, then take bikes there and come back to sell them.

  24. We had a bike get stolen out of our garage when we moved into a new place. Cops took a report and recovered it a few days later at a pawn shop and returned it. So apparently some cops do follow up on things.

  25. what do you want the cops to do? go door to door for your bike? its such a small object that can be taken and put almost anywhere. take your bike once shame on them take your bike twice shame on you. XD

  26. That sucks, but your first mistake is you didn't use a D lock. They can cut right through that cable lock, which is why they did. No, the police don't really do anything beyond respond to violent crime at this point.

  27. Realistically speaking, what do you expect law enforcement to do in this situation? Unless you provided them a serial number and they happen to stumble upon it, there’s literally nothing the could do.

  28. Add your bike as a rider to your insurance policy it costs like $15 a year. Mine will reimburse the full cost of the bike with no rate increases.

  29. It was taken last night. Dropped the lock and took off with it. I kinda hold myself accountable knowing it could happen again, but I failed to follow up by using a better lock or just keeping it in my dorm or in the back of my car.

  30. If you live in area where this happens, just keep it in your room. I did the same when i was younger and lived in shady ghetto.

  31. Did you give the cops the serial number? Do you honestly expect them to drop their caseload of violent crimes and go look for your bike specifically when they probably don't even have enough manpower to look for stolen cars?

  32. I visited a friend at UVM years ago and went to have a cig on her porch and noticed the guy next door had a literal mountain of bikes in his back yard. Just in a pile. I’d guess at least 30 but could be as many as 100 it was very hard to tell. I asked her about it and she said you will occasionally see him come through the back gate on a new bike and he’ll just toss it in the pile, but he never leaves his house on a bike. She also mentioned that people in her building had tried to call the cops about it but the issue was getting a warrant to search the yard and matching any of those bikes to a stolen bike. I think about that guy everytime I hear about someone’s bike getting stolen, because it’s probably Him.

  33. If you're not familiar with lock picking lawyer on youtube, you should definitely check it out before you get a new lock. An expensive lock isn't always a strong or secure lock. He also gives some good recommendations. No sense locking up an expensive bike with a lock that can be bypassed with a fork.

  34. OP is obviously very racist as california says dont call the police when your items are stolen because it will only hurt brown people... /s

  35. My insurance is a Walmart bike. Can't pawn it for crack money, and theft for resell is just a waste of labor. If it DOES get stolen, just get another Walmart bike.

  36. This works. Mine is equivalent to it. It’s tuned and greased to the brim and runs like the devil with one push of the pedal, but thieves see just a rusty old junk.

  37. Ok, you have GOT to get a u-lock aka a kryptonite lock. Get your replacement registered with the PD, and don’t get a high end bike unless you need it for more than just getting around town.

  38. Sometimes they catch them with tens or even hundreds of stolen bicycles from some storage building where they change hull numbers,change parts between bicycles and even repaint them.

  39. Kind of satisfying for me to know i'm not a dumbass trying to secure a bike worth thousands with a sub 30$ lock. My 1000€ bike enjoys the safety of a 100€ U-lock that will never be cut.

  40. Encasing it in metal will significantly reduce its signal range, as you'll basically trap it into a Faraday cage. It might get picked on if an iPhone gets really close to it though.

  41. So you put a $70 dollar lock on a $1000 bike? you spent less than 10% to protect your investment. Good job.

  42. Dude, without video and a serial number to plug in the system (which I'm sure you didn't bother to record), there is NOTHING the police can do. A cut bike lock is not "evidence" and there is nothing to process from it for a property crime.

  43. Simply put rubber handlebars on your next bike and coat them in fentanyl. Or simply cut into your bikes frame and put a pipe bomb inside with a proximity set off.

  44. You learn the hard way with bikes. I never used a lock like that again after the same happened to me. I cringe when I see people lock their bikes with these things

  45. You can get a replacement pretty cheaply on Craig’s List. I just bought this exact bike for $150 in Utah.

  46. You spent so much money on the bike itself and cheaped out on the one thing that protects it. Hopefully, a lesson has been learnt my friend. Get better lock next time

  47. The cops are on it! A crack team of street detectives are chasing down leads, shaking down the local scum and checking all the videos in the area, rest assured your bike will be found and the responsible parties caught and brought to justice.

  48. It was stored someplace that people knew bikes were there. His was the easiest to cut most likely. You see in the second picture, it was stored with some other bikes.

  49. My CAR was stolen at a Mall in RI, and when I walked to the Police Dept. to report it, the cops told me the "Prospect Heights" gang did it & it would be found stripped the next day. Over 3 months later, I got a huge bill for towing & storage of my "abandoned" car - the gang dropped the car off in Providence (as predicted) but it was stolen in Pawtucket and Providence cops treated it as abandoned rather than stolen. I've been a victim of numerous property crimes over the decades, and there has never been the smallest effort to investigate or look for the criminals. The police exist to protect government, period.

  50. I had a bike stolen before... cops don't give a shit... never found. I swear they just file some paperwork and go home. Most likely go home sad because they haven't shot anyone today....

  51. I don't think you appreciate how large the case load is for this sort of thing. Petty theft is a daily occurrence, and everyone wants us to get to theirs immediately and first, expect there's still the cases from yesterday and last week that still need to be resolved. Until we actually get to your report, your best bet is to keep an eye out for it yourself and the patrol officers will too. Understand though that they have to keep an eye out for every stolen bike or car or backpack or this or that, and it's almost always too much for them to keep track of.

  52. There's this golden rule about owning and storing a bicycle - your locks must be at least half the price of your bike. Think of it as an investment, because a good lock will last you a lifetime and most likely deter opportunistic thieves.

  53. Half is pretty overkill. I know this rule with 10% and I am sure thats enough. My bike was 1000€ and I got a very good Kryptonite lock for about 100€. Nothing ever happened.

  54. We need to do away with government and privatize security. The free market would incentivize officers to actually work on behalf of their clients to find and return stolen property. The best security firms would rise to the top and the ineffective ones would crumble…. Especially with no government to bail them out.

  55. To be honest, get a much better lock for that expensive of a bike. A $10 lock from walmart wasn’t going to be any kind of theft deterrent.

  56. My partner is a bike a holic. He's got like 3 expensive bikes (no clue the brand since I'm not a connoisseur), and he refuses to ride it anywhere because he's convinced someone will steal it. The few times he does ride one of them, he doesn't go in anywhere...because, theft.

  57. Realistically at a certain price point you have to store your bikes inside. I wouldn’t keep anything worth over $300/ sentimental value locked outside with ANY lock. Hell I even keep mine locked up INSIDE my garage.

  58. In high school my bike was also stolen with same lock me and my friend both are bike were stolen never found Even after video evedience

  59. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hate stealers. And geez I can't believe how easily they cut thru that lock.

  60. I really recommend people getting themselves some gps trackers for your bikes, dudes bike was stolen in my appartment and the police got it back to him a few days later. They got it on the same day actually but had to do some bureaucracy...

  61. I use three locks on my bike, Abus Granit X Plus, a Kryptonite U-Lock and a Kryptonite Flex cable to secure both wheels. You weren’t even using one lock.

  62. Sorry that happened. Terrible people all over. My coworker had her car stolen in our employee parking lot the other day. All this seems like not a major deal until it happens to you. I've had a car stolen as well in 2019. Not fun even though I got my car back and the out took many weeks to sort through. I hope your thief and all thieves get what's coming to them.

  63. Here's my logic: if you're going to spend about 1k on a bike then you surely can spend 50-100 on a lock and minimize the risk of loosing 1k by investing a 20th/10th of the bikes price

  64. They likely won’t go out looking for it if that’s what you’re asking. But if someone runs the serial number then they can tell it’s yours and get it returned to you eventually. Not good odds tho

  65. Apple Air Tag. Lots of places to hide it in your bike frame. You can lead the cops right to where it is.

  66. Sigh. Lost my favorite bike of all time last year right outside a busy grocery store. No cameras, no help, no luck trying to find it. I miss you so much blue boy.

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