Best hotel?

  1. Hilton Grand Vacations was right next door so basically the same distance as Circus Circus but the thing is basically an apartment. Super convenient and had a full kitchen so we bounced out and had dinner at the room instead of the festival which was a nice difference.

  2. This! If you can book for 2023, definitely recommend. Even though I’d hate for it to be completely booked, it was great staying in a spot that’s hella close to go for a quick break/recharge/bite/grab jacket and it was clean and kept people not staying there out.

  3. Yes! This is where I stayed with 3 friends. It was perfect, and not crazy expensive. I’m sure it’s more for next year though.

  4. stayed at the palazzo and while it is a walk it’s not that bad and took us about 20 minutes. the room was AMAZING and felt very luxurious and clean, bed was super comfortable, would 10/10 stay there again.

  5. Agreed. I stayed there as well and it felt like such a luxury. The layout is really organized and it’s easy to find your way around the property. Tons of shops and restaurants right there, pool was awesome, and felt super safe tbh. I am a really slow walker and I really hate walking, but using the crowds to my advantage I was able to walk there and back no problem within 25ish minutes, even though my feet were killing me after the 13h fest.

  6. Yep. Stayed at Bellagio and walked back from the festival. Wasn’t a bad walk at all, but then again I didn’t drink. I’m sure that’s a different story after a few cocktails and being in the sun all day.

  7. Hilton ResortsWorld is just across the street from Circus Circus. <10 mins walk to the festival gates. You could see the grounds/stages from our room on the 40thish floor. It’s new, clean, a little uppity for my taste but whatever. The pool was nice, and there’s a vegan ice cream shop. Recommend it.

  8. Second this, we stayed at Resorts World too and the rooms and service were great and super easy access to the festival grounds by foot

  9. Stayed at the Sahara. 5+ minute walk depending on how fast your gait is. Staff was nice. Room was nice. Bed was so fucking comfy after 14hrs of fun. Will stay there next year if I can.

  10. I stayed at Sahara too. I was really impressed with the staff. Our shower wasn't draining when we got there. Had a repair man up within 20 min of calling. He was really nice and tried his best but needed a better tool to fix it so he came back at the time we requested and fixed it.

  11. I stayed at the Sahara. She was pricey but close and clean. It’s easy enough to download the bus app and take the bus to the main strip (I think it was $20 for a 3day pass. Way cheaper than ride sharing

  12. Depends what you mean by best. The best hotel IMO that combines both convenience and luxury is Crockfords (part of Resorts World). Crockfords is the highest tier hotel in the Resorts World complex which includes the Hilton and Conrad. The Conrad is also a great second choice albeit not as nice as Crockfords. It was only a 5-10 min walk to the festival grounds, so it was very easy to get in and out. Actually seems like Resorts World was more convenient than Sahara for getting to the festival since it’s a little closer to the festival entrance. Rooms are quite nice and new, and service was great overall. The food hall which has a lot of delicious fast casual options was clutch, and it was easy to get food delivered to your room in under 30 min. Spa is incredible and on par with the Wynn / Encore spas. Zouk isn’t great, though, in comparison to other clubs in Vegas, so that’s the one caveat there that is worth noting.

  13. We made a tough call and stayed at the Flamingo. but that's because the hotel is half the experience in Vegas and I didn't want half my trip to be Circus Circus haha. It was a 30 min walk but the Deuce bus is efficient enough and would recommend it. I would have stayed closer if the Sahara was a little cheaper. My friend stayed there and liked it !

  14. I second this, I stayed at the Flamingo as well and took the monorail over to the festival grounds and back. There's a station attached to the hotel and you just get off at the Sahara. It's a fun piece of Las Vegas history, too!

  15. We stayed at Harrahs on the strip. Easy quick walk to the monorail in the morning that drops you at the Sahara across the street. Only issue was we walked all the way back after the fest which wasn’t bad. Liked the location since it’s central to restaurants and other casinos and also was the cheaper option.

  16. My husband and I stayed at the Vdara, definitely recommend!!! It is non smoking and non gambling. We stayed 4 nights and my anxious husband definitely appreciated being able to get away from that. Everything was also very easy to get to, either by walking or monorail

  17. I’d agree about Caesar’s. My friend and I booked it for the obvious “LAS VEGAS GIRLS TRIP DIRTY 30!!” factor. And for the cost I was very surprised by how normal it was? Also the hotel itself is a lot smaller than I anticipated.

  18. Man. I've never been to Vegas before. So for next year, I just picked a middle-of-the-road price which was the strat. I booked quick because I was afraid of it selling out. What's wrong with it?

  19. Did you call in for your reservation? I checked online yesterday and it was not available, checked today and it's $1,500 a night... I prefer to stay there but that is like 2x the normal price.

  20. I stayed at Circus Circus, and booked it again for next year. I highly recommend it based on location to the festival. It is not a nice hotel by any means. It hasn’t been updated in a long time, but the staff was efficient, and you can’t beat the location. Since the festival allowed “in and outs” it was super accessible and it cuts out the time and expense of Ubers. If you are are picky about conditions though, I would try the Sahara, but that will be more expensive.

  21. I just want to say that I'm never staying there again lol. We made last minute bookings but being able to walk back was super convenient.

  22. I stay at circus circus for EDC every year too. Really can’t beat $30/night. I’m literally never in the room anyhow.

  23. I stayed there too. It was ok. It’s really outdated but it’s really close by. There was so much people afterwards and the line to elevator was long. I think the elevators don’t work well? It took about 10-15 min. I think once or twice it was like a <5 min wait.

  24. My buddy and I stayed at The Renaissance. It was about a 20 minute walk from the venue and was nice. No casino or anything like that in the hotel, so if you're looking for something chill, I'd recommend it

  25. We stayed at the Strat this year and our room wasn’t one of the newly upgraded rooms so it was laughably bad for the price. Motel room bad. Also the distance it was from everything else that wasn’t the festival was obnoxious. I wouldn’t stay there again. Also other lower budget hotels on the strip has better food options, like food courts, but the Strat only has Starbucks and McDonald’s for fast eats. The diner is okay but it’s sit down and takes forever. It’s just not great

  26. Linq it was perfect. Mid strip, right on the monorail, in an out next door. Emo night day before the club. 10 out of 10 would stay there again. Just leave a little early to beat the crowd to the monorail.

  27. Also stayed at the Linq for this and enjoyed the location immensely. The rooms were fine, nothing to write home about, but there was so much to do right there and being on the monorail made travel to/from the festival very easy. And it wasn’t terribly expensive, perfectly priced for my group.

  28. The westgate- it’s a short walk. Near a gas station. On a monorail stop. Nice rooms and amenities. Prime location in my opinion

  29. We booked MGM GRAND and then got a 3 day monorail pass so we just took the monorail to Sahara and then walked across the street to the festival.

  30. Same here, I stayed at the Strat for WWWY, location was good about 8 minute walk from festival grounds. Our AC was freezing which I love, my cousin said thiers wasnt so strong, they took some time to adjust and was humid in the room. We were in the north tower vs thier central tower, dont know if that makes a difference. Room was dated but clean.

  31. The Westin. Nice hotel and free breakfast. 7 minute Lyft to the festival grounds. Very close to the strip if you’re staying a couple of extra days and wanting to explore.

  32. Springhill Suites Las Vegas was also within walking distance. OK hotel - customer service was awesome - free breakfast - no casino. Not sure I'd stay there again but a solid 3.5/5

  33. I stayed at the Super 8 by Windham. 2/10, would not recommend. But that’s what you get booking last minute. 20 min walk tho. My Uber driver told me it was where he’d drop off sex workers and their clients

  34. I only slept in the circus circus parking garage 🤣 but the close distance was so nice so I booked an actual room for next year!

  35. We stayed at the Virgin hotel off the strip and LOVED it, but it was inconvenient for the festival. Was fine for 2022 because we left after Paramore and caught a taxi from Encore easily enough. We won't be leaving early from 2023 though, so we are booking Circus Circus. However, we understand that it isn't a nice hotel, so will stay there for the festival, then stay in Virgin again for a few days after before going home. Want to end the holiday with a high! I would strongly recommend Virgin if you aren't bothered by location, but it cost us $32 for the morning Uber to the festival (we wanted convenience, we know there were cheaper options), and $25 for the taxi home, so you'll have to factor that in.

  36. Westgate! 10 minute walk from the fest entry, and when I booked it was the best value for your money

  37. I stayed at Sahara and liked it a lot. I’ve stayed at few Vegas hotels and this one felt really comfortable and I liked the proximity to the grounds.

  38. as someone who stayed at Circus Circus for the sole reason of being close to the festival only for it to be cancelled…. do not stay there. not entirely sure how it isn’t condemned

  39. The Palazzo: Clean, spacious room, comfortable bed, the giant bathtub was welcoming and there was a Starbucks right downstairs.

  40. We stayed at the Sahara. Location was good, the monorail stops there which was convenient, bed was comfortable, no real complaints. The restaurants were good too but expensive.

  41. Circus circus is where I stayed, it’s literally right there. A 30 second walk maybe. It’s cheaper than Hilton I’m willing to bet and there’s fucking roller coasters inside!

  42. Would highly recommend the Ahern. It's opposite the festival grounds, the rooms and the pool were great. Literally a 5 min walk away from the monorail so you can get to the strip easily :)

  43. Hilton GVC for SURE. Book now and it’ll be a good price, and it’s a thirty second walk to the festival (plus you can see the grounds from the elevator areas)

  44. we stayed at the palace station which was a 30 min walk, and in n out was about a 10 min walk from our hotel so after festival it was nice to grab food and go back

  45. Whatever you do, don’t stay at the Oyo Motel.. it was dirty, uncomfortable, and the bathroom window was broken. Plus, the woman at the registration booth was incredibly rude.

  46. Stayed at west gate and it worked great for us! Only one monorail stop away OR just a 15 min walk, they gave us a free room upgrade from a two full bed room to a king suite

  47. We stayed at the Linq and really enjoyed it! It’s nice, modern, has so much in the actual hotel itself and is central to everything! Lots of food, has a casino in it, the rooms were were nice and felt safe. The only downside was that they gave us a different room because apparently ours was “sold out”. It was frustrating, but after I put my foot down, they upgraded us at no cost to a huge suite, so it all worked out. Great hotel otherwise!

  48. I stayed at Westgate Resorts. (Off strip) It was older but the monorail ran from Westgate to the Sahara. It runs every 5 minutes ($5.00) or you can walk down Elvis Presley Blvd to get directly in front of circus circus. About a 10-15 min walk.

  49. I stayed with my fiancé at the Downtown Grand and the Oasis at Gold Spike. Oasis I managed to get a room for $50 for a night.

  50. The STRAT hotel. It was a 5 min walk to the festival grounds. It was fairly affordable since it was at the end of the strip. Room was meh but the customer service was excellent.

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