I have the chance to make a set of holy grails.. should I?

  1. These are very good prices. $200 for the .1 is average, but $250 for the .3 is about $30 cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere. That being said, Octomore is very good (I’ve bought 3 over the years), but I would never spend $700 all at once on three bottles. It’s not that good.

  2. I just got the 13.2 for 125€, it is very nice. It’s a big set to have all three, and will last a long time. But I do think that you can get a bunch of bottles with a lot more variety for that price.

  3. If you have the disposable income and that's where you want to put it, those are all at least reasonable prices for once

  4. I’d get the one that appeals most to you personally, I just am on the side that there are better things to spend that kind of money on. If the budget allows for it then go for it, those are definitely good prices. I’d just rather have one of the bottles and an extra $450 in my pocket based on my budget and what I like to do with my fun money

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