Make election day a national holiday

  1. Wouldn't matter because the low-income hourly "essential" folks who need the time off to vote and would benefit the most from such a holiday are the same ones who would still need to work anyway despite it being a holiday.

  2. In Canada if we work the whole election day while polls are open employers are required to give you 2 hours off work to vote.

  3. It wouldn't help 100% of eligible voters but at least it would still make it easier for a LOT of voters.

  4. Yes, exactly. Mail-in voting really is the only solution for hourly workers, which is why there's so much resistance to it from the Right.

  5. It would actually make things WORSE for the marginalized who are already targets of widespread disenchantment: *Mass transit, relied on by disproportionate percentage of the underclass, would be on holiday schedule. *Childcare issues for those “essential” and retail workers if schools get the holiday. *The right will use it as an excuse to cut back/eliminate early & weekend voting.

  6. Yeh, BUT this year/election is different. Mail in ballot voting changes that. I got my mail in ballots last week and voted already. Weeks early at my own pace on my own time.

  7. It would be awesome if they made election day a national holiday and ask nonessential business to close so people can vote, especially the low income 40+ hour a week workers

  8. In Germany almost all stores close on holidays and Sundays (with very, very few exceptions. Usually there is an on-call pharmacy in larger areas, stores inside train stations usually open so travelers can grab something to eat, I think some bakeries open on Sundays but those are like the few exceptions I really know on top of my head) and while I sometimes get annoyed by the inconvenience I think that it is good to give the workers a day they can definitely spend with their family.

  9. As a society you're so used to shitty voting infrastructure and voter oppression, that you just give up and shrug it off as pointless, because it wouldn't work anyway.

  10. Why can't you just have non-essential business+grocery stores close for that day? Other countries do this on holidays/sundays. Only essential services will have to work (emergeny service, gas stations etc.). This would help voter turnout even more because there will be fuck all else to do that day.

  11. That way private employers can ignore it like they do Columbus Day and treat it like a normal Tuesday, just like they do now.

  12. Even better: get rid of the concept of a single election day. Make it an election week, and offer more opportunities to vote early/absentee.

  13. I would think Sunday would be preferable for most people working in the service industry or retail ( which is a shit load of people), though really, they would have to work regardless. Tuesday is honestly a better day for them than a weekend.

  14. Not only will retail and restaurant workers not get off, they will be forced to work long hours to accommodate the increased shopping from upper middle class office workers who already had a high voter turnout, and didn't need time off to vote, but who are more than happy to go out to lunch with their friends after they spend 5 minutes of their day voting in a district with ample polling locations.

  15. No, make it a week long and require all workplaces to give employees at least one paid day off in that 7-day stretch, which the employee can choose.

  16. In Canada, employers are simply forced to leave 3h for their employee to vote during Election Day. Either 3h before their shift or after. Works super well and everyone gets to vote what ever day the election is.

  17. They do have to accommodate their employees voting, though... I’m sure people either don’t realize it or don’t push the issue with their employers, but still. Even if it were on a Sunday or holiday, people working at hospitals (or other essential workers who work weekends and holidays) would still need to be allowed to leave. So I guess more people would have an easier time voting, but it’s not like the problem would be solved completely.

  18. Tuesday was designated in 1845 to maximize the number of citizens who could participate. Most people at the time were farmers who went to church on Sundays, and market day was Wednesday. Since some would need a day to travel to their polling place, they could be in church Sunday, travel Monday, vote and travel back on Tuesday and not miss the market on Wednesday.

  19. Why does it have to be a single day? Make it election week! Vote any time between Sunday and Saturday. Votes are tallied the following Monday.

  20. Interesting Fact, In the UK our votes are always on a Thursday. This was done to put voting as far away from Drunken Fridays and Saturdays as Possible, and also as far away from sunday sermons as possible to reduce any influence both might have.

  21. Lol just do vote by mail. Any day you make it a holiday, means that service industry workers are going to be screwed.

  22. They wouldn’t just ignore it, they would make it a shopping holiday. The people who most need the time off will be even less likely to get the time off than a normal day.

  23. Expand it to "election week" so people can go on their normal day off instead of having to miss work(potentially). Making it a holiday will just disenfranchise blue collar/retail workers who often have to work holidays.

  24. Blue states are already doing this kind of thing. Washington for example has had mail in ballots for over 10 years. I can't remember ever having to go stand on line to vote. Red states, like Texas for example, are limiting the number of ballot drop boxes to 1 per county... Even when a county has a city the size of Houston in it with 2.3 million people. They are gonna straight face ask 2.3 million people to use 1 ballot drop box or go stand in line to vote on election day... The GOP benefits when most people don't get to vote.

  25. Don’t we already have that via early voting? I mean I voted in person last week. My mom voted before me. My dad plans to vote next week. It’s been like election month here.

  26. That’s probably why my county has had record early votes. They even had one station designated to be open 24 hours one of the days. Back when I worked retail, that would have been amazing! Hope every county improves their early voting hours / polling locations for every election going forward.

  27. With how voting early works in most states you have multiple weeks. If you want election day availability for a week then you need more money. Not saying that it's impossible but there is one party that is very against spending money on things they don't like.

  28. Its funny that people think the working poor get holidays off work. Don't make it a holiday, make it a season and make it so easy to vote that nobody has an excuse not to do it.

  29. This. Just make it easy as hell to get a mail in ballot. That way people can take the time to actually research candidate's positions and all the down ballot stuff, instead of just voting by party or guessing.

  30. Make it compulsory. Australia does it. Everyone is required to vote or required to formally say they're abstaining from voting. It seems to work pretty well for them.

  31. For the 50th time, no. The people who struggle with voting have to work on holidays, this is just a feel good measure. Make it actually easier to vote through mail early, or online, anything so you don't have to wait 4 hours.

  32. Why not all of those things? Making an election a national holiday (like countries with much higher voter participation do), while also making it easier to vote through other means.

  33. I feel you man, but those measures aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s entirely possible for our country to do both, and we’d all be better off for it.

  34. I have lived in a few different states and it seems to me that it’s pretty easy to mail in your vote/ vote early if you just google it and follow the instructions, but I can see it varying state to state.

  35. Those other things are important as well, but far fewer people work on holidays as a whole. There are other things that could increase day-of voting as well, such as closing any non-essential business (i.e. a lot of service jobs) for the day while guaranteeing employee pay. We don’t need to reject this part of the solution just because there are other important parts as well.

  36. Or expand the voting process to make it a 5 days long and THEN make it a federal holiday. People can make time and a half 4 days and vote the 5th. And if they really don't want to vote, they get time and a half 5 days.

  37. In my country it's always on a Sunday. Also one of the few countries where going voting is mandatory. You can leave your vote blank if you don't want to pick someone but you have to go, or need someone to official represent you. That way employers or anyone else can not stop you from casting your vote.

  38. There are many historical truths like that that that are purposefully hidden from the public education. If people were serious about what the "founding fathers" were thinking they would actually read something like

  39. Something I find interesting to bring up is that the United States has a long history of immigrant and non-citizen voting. For hundreds of years in colonial and early America - as it turns out - founding fathers didn’t actually care as much about immigrants and noncitizens voting as they they did about nonwhite men voting. As such, our American roots of noncitizen voting were stripped when confronted with the “bad” immigrants:

  40. Why is it always remove "x" holiday and make "y" a holiday? Do we have a holiday quota, I don't know about? Why the fuck can't we have the day off for president's day and the election?

  41. Or voting could be a quick process that doesn't take more then 10 minutes at a place that is close to your home.

  42. Uh, yeah, they do that in Australia and it gets people to the polls. They have sausage fundraisers at the polling places and everything. What's wrong with that?

  43. Early voting isn't universal and early voting sites are often deliberately located away from minority neighborhoods, along with actual election day polling places being shuttered since the Supreme Court struck down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Maybe you've got it good where you are but for many people just getting to a polling place is made deliberately hard.

  44. Stop giving a shit what the "Founding Fathers" would like. They'd be horrified to see a Chinese guy own a store. They'd be amazed by a bidet. Who fucking cares. Stop playing respectability pretend politics like you'll convince a dumbass boat dealership-owning Trump supporter that you're right. You won't! They don't actually give a shit about the Founding Fathers either!

  45. Making an election day s holiday reduces turn out of younger and lower income workers, because they'll still have to work their retail/service jobs.

  46. The origin of voting on Tuesday was to allow for church attendance on Sunday, travel to the polling location on Monday, vote on Tuesday and return to your home for Wednesday which was a market day for people to sell their wares.

  47. Here elections are always on sunday and people who work on that day have the right to 2 paid hours to vote

  48. In some states, we have similar laws. In NY, if the polls open within 2 hours of your shift start and close within 2 hours of your shift end, you get two paid hours to go vote. Maybe even four. I forget.

  49. As much as I agree with this, I must admit, with early voting, pretty much everyone should be able to vote before the official "Election day" Not to mention that business' must give employees time to vote.

  50. After this election, this will be a moot point because early voting has proven so incredibly convenient and effective I'm sure.

  51. It’s crazy that this is such a challenge in America. In other countries everything closes. No one works, so they can vote.

  52. The very name "President's Day" while this buffoon is in the WH destroying the country is cringe worthy.

  53. how exactly is it not easy right now? early voting is a thing. in my city there are multiple locations open from 7am-7pm to early vote with few lines. the only reason not to vote right now is because you don't want to that badly.

  54. A better way to honor them would be to not fuck up the democracy they founded. But we're a little past that aren't we.

  55. Its a travesty how difficult it is to vote in this country. Many of the issues would be solved if we had universal mail-in voting, automatic voter registration, and had the polls open for longer.

  56. IN what universe would the founding fathers who specifically set up the republic so that more than 90% of the people in it couldn't vote WANT those FILTHY UNWASHED MASSES to vote?

  57. Should be national holiday and on the weekend. Double down to make it easier. Also should make it a Federal law allowing anyone to vote without punishment. So far it is only protected by 30 states.

  58. What democracy? The founding fathers were slave holders who explicitly prevented about 90% of people from voting, that's not a democracy

  59. Brought up from a third world country, I'm surprised with the US with this.. I mean you are high on freedom and such... lmao

  60. My job started giving us election day off paid this year and will continue to. I think this should be for all companies

  61. While we're at it we should get Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday back as separate paid holidays. ‘President’s Day’, pffft, what a rip off.

  62. In Canada were legally allowed to leave work to vote and every neighborhood has polls. Works pretty well minus the fact that us in bc never have a say in anything hahah could be worse tho

  63. It's really hard to believe it's not. Almost as if a group of people don't want others to vote

  64. EVERYTHING should be closed on Election Day to give EVERYONE the chance to vote (with pay!). Sometimes retail/restaurant/grocery employees won't go vote because they have to work. This leaves out a huge chunk of the population, and can literally decide the election. But since the government thrives on corruption, I don't expect this to ever actually happen.

  65. The Founding Fathers would probably wonder why the hell black women who don't even own property are voting.

  66. Or universal vote by mail, just like Oregon, Washington & Utah have successfully done for a while now. The most democratizing as it does not require mobility, transportation, childcare, long lines, or hours of your life.

  67. How about we just make it simpler and more convenient to fucking vote? Block chain, mail-in, increased polling locations. Maybe all of it. A holiday doesn’t help the people who have to work to survive. Their voices matter.

  68. Fuck these overly religious founding fathers. They didn’t plan for minorities to be free and equal in the future. This among so many other things, it’s time to really update the constitution.

  69. In India we have a government holiday on polling days. No company can compel their employers legally to show up on polling day.

  70. Can we just add a holiday. Why lose a day we have already and add more days. You see what they have in Europe?

  71. This is the wrong approach. Make October Democracy month and make it easy by walk in, mail to vote. Have the concept of a day of voting surpassed by a time of the year where EVERYONE has a chance to participate

  72. But would people actually vote? I get that this is supposed to really encourage it, but would people actually take the day off to vote?

  73. I don’t get this. There is such a thing as early voting. Why more people don’t take advantage of it is beyond me.

  74. It's not a holiday or Sunday in the UK, but polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm and in my case my polling station has always been walking distance from my home and I've never had to wait to vote. Maybe I've been lucky though.

  75. As a person from across the pond it's really quite mindblowing that election day is not a sunday. Our local voting booths are open sunday from 8-18 and local means local. My current polling place is for ~2000 voters that live in a ~5 block radius.

  76. So great concept, but the time of year would be the biggest problem. Corporations would call it Grey Tuesday and have pre-black friday deals. People would end up shopping instead of voting, which would be a bigger barrier to voting than working on that day.

  77. I've got some bad news for her...our founders weren't fans of democracy. With few exceptions, our founders were not good people.

  78. Unpopular opinion on reddit, but I'm actually against an election day holiday and instead for putting more effort into advertising early voting. The logisitics of making sure everyone has the same day off of work or even a couple of hours off will get complicated when you scale it across every profession in the entire country.

  79. This. I’m not sure how it is in other states but Kentucky’s early voting polls opened three weeks before Election Day and are open every weekday during normal operating hours and at least 4 hours every Saturday. Just need some proper planning. Is anyone truly that busy you can’t find an hour over the span of 21 days.

  80. Make election day into an entire week. If it's only 1 day, then the people who are working retail and service jobs will still have to find time to vote. If a week is too long then make it 2 or 3 days. Everyone should have a fair chance to vote without it having an effect on their jobs or daily life.

  81. Make voting day a holiday and get rid of the electoral college. A real democracy can’t exist if the candidate with the least votes wins .

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