1. There are many people out there who have a family member who is MAGA, or QAnon or are under the spell of Trump.

  2. Your essay is really good. You are doing Christianity better than 99% of people. I don’t know how you can convince people who won’t even listen to Jesus that they are wrong. He specifically calls out things NOT to do like public prayer. Yet, you see people do it all the time. And it’s the wrong people. The fake Christian’s. The Xinos (Christian in name only). You can’t get to heaven with hate in your heart. You get there by service and example. Just like you said in your essay. And the “end of things” prophesy? Yeah each of us hit it at the end of our lives. We don’t know when it will be but it will be too soon for each of us.

  3. If the rapture was real none of those wack a moles would be going. It would be all the atheists that were kind just because, and people like Jimmy Carter.

  4. So hopefully the rapture is real and Christian’s just have it backwards. I mean they do worship Trump and he’s clearly an anti-Christ. All of the evangelicals get purged and we have heaven on earth.

  5. I have a serious suspicion that were the rapture to ever occur, the difference between who gets "taken up to heaven" and those who only think they will will be so stark that most of the world would never even notice it had happened.

  6. Interesting thought… because communists are atheists and they were involved in a number of wars and repression of their people (USSR, China).

  7. The funny part is they all think they’re going but the bible (which none of them have read) says only 177k people will go. I almost wish it was real so I could see the billion left behind go insane.

  8. This is mos def 2022. Nearly all of the Christians I have known do not believe in the rapture. And wouldn’t read “Left Behind”. Yet here the Reddit atheist nazis are once again preaching the Bible. Lol. You can’t make this shit up. Children and like minded adults, blaming Christians for Trump is like blaming the gun instead of the shooter. Biden is catholic and pro choice. So do the math. If you think hatred is wrong towards anyone but acceptable towards Christians, you are a neo nazi.

  9. Plot twist! God turns earth into heaven by taking all the fundies away and giving them remedial classes and doesn't put them back until They deem they've fully understood what they got wrong and how to do better.

  10. No, it wouldn't. Power over one another would still exist, and there will always be people trying to get it at all costs.

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