When SCOTUS members are the biggest liars in America- we have a problem.

  1. Wait. So you're saying one of the people who took away women's rights to control their own bodies is unethical?! Surely you can't be serious.

  2. "But saying or implying that the court is becoming an illegitimate institution or questioning our integrity crosses an important line.”

  3. that quote made me furious. if they dont want to be questioned, they shouldn't be restricting women's healthcare. infuriating.

  4. Before Obamacare, if a person failed to disclose that they had had a broken arm sometime in high school, their health insurance could be canceled. Even if that person had cancer, and the broken arm was not a pre-existing condition that was pertinent to their current medical condition, the health insurance company could drop them from coverage and also force them to pay for treatments that had been covered by the insurance.

  5. Any word on what this work is? I've noticed a trend where I'm constantly underestimating how fucked up the right is and I want to see if I can keep the streak alive.

  6. Would this not be grounds for impeachment? If the GOP takes the house or Senate, then that's out the door... But if Roevember proves to be a thing...

  7. Questioning integrity all over the place. Thomas, kavanaugh, alito, barrett--they all have demonstrated provable problems, lies, conflicts of interest.

  8. Are you trying to tell me a women who faced no consequences for perjuring her way onto the Supreme Court is out here lying about ethics?

  9. NOT NEW: Justice Amy Coney Barrett will face no consequences after news breaks she withheld her husbands work from an ethics disclosure

  10. Thought was about them lying in there confirmation hearings to the American public about there opinions on Roe vs. Wade being overturned? Aren’t they under oath. Scum of the Earth.

  11. Barrett is literally part of a cult that refers to its women as "handmaidens." She rules the way her husband tells her to rule.

  12. Fuck that. As a government employee I had to file a statement of substantial interest every year about whether me or my immediate family had any sort of personal monetary interest in things related to my work. I got paid $12 an hour. If I had to do that shit, these people making a fortune and getting free health care and all that shit can too and be legit. Party doesn't matter

  13. "I'm going to attack them using a completely made scenario rather than anything that actually happened."

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