Didn't think they'd come for you, did ya?

  1. I find it funny, because it seems like GOP thinks they can get away with this shit as long as they keep up the identity politics of "trans people are evil, lgbtq are all pedophiles, etc." And to be clear - yes, they'll be able to hold on to a LOT of constituents with that alone...

  2. He just looks like a pedophile. I feel like if I Google searched "pedo" then a bunch of stock images of him would show up.

  3. Not to stereotype, but that is the face of someone who finds underage girls on the internet to pay for sex, if ever I saw it.

  4. My veteran father in law who currently works for the VA would support this. The republicans have poisoned their voters so much against their interest that he would literally vote himself out of his career.

  5. They've been suggesting that for at least 2 decades that I can remember. Any veteran who has used the VA knows it sucks. The general belief is that government sucks at running things, especially healthcare, and if we got rid of it, people would have better healthcare through private insurance. As if it was affordable.

  6. They’re only pro military when it means they can line their pockets with taxpayer money. The VA does not do that for them.

  7. It’s an idea that gets floated every now and then in serious ways. Basically, it involves getting rid of most of the VA properties and services and giving free (ish) plans to veterans. The idea being you could reprogram that money to be used where the patient prefers.

  8. Democrats are the only pols to increase VA spending. Republicans love to spend on the military (defense contractors) not on soldiers or veterans.

  9. yeah so pro-military that they unanimously (or damn near) voted no to the recent act to help those effected by burn pits. Only reason it got passed the second time was because of the backlash they received for initially voting against it. It's amazing how stupid their base is that they continue to believe these idiots actually care about anyone but themselves.

  10. On the contrary, I was expecting it. It wasn’t conservatism that gave me and my fellow veterans a future, it was liberalism. Sure the quality is subpar and sometimes it doesn’t work right, but it’s not nothing

  11. This is why I will never understand why some of our fellow veterans are so right wing. If liberalism didn't keep the VA funded there's no way in hell some vets would ever see a doctor. Let alone get their medication.

  12. I don't know, I have both the VA and private insurance and I choose the VA. Private health Care providers don't give a shit about vets.

  13. The military gives you housing. They give you food. They give you free or very cheap health and dental. They'll pay for your education. You get 30 days of time off every year. They'll pay you even if you're injured and can't work. Whether you're the mother or father, you get paid time off for the birth of a child.

  14. Republican or at least conservative ones have wanted to abolish the VA, social security, & Medicare for as long as I can remember. They've been "fighting" culture wars 4 so long ppl forget what they actually want to do if given enough power.

  15. McCarthy just leaked their conservative agenda a few days ago and that’s exactly what it said. Criminalize all abortion, eliminate all social security and Medicare in 5 years, and allow states to overturn election results. Edit: here’s the link

  16. When they started calling the programs we pay into for future security “entitlements” you knew exactly what direction they were moving.

  17. Most conservative voters prioritize "christian" values or hurting the groups they hate over anything else. They'll gladly vote to shoot themselves in the foot if they think it'll own the libz, they've proven this time and time again.

  18. They only want to abolish the "public" part of it. They've got no problem with the money being spent, just that it's being used to help people. They want the VA run by (insert your terrible private insurer of choice here).

  19. Because pos people attract pos supporters. And just trust me in this country: there are A LOT of assholes looking for someone like them

  20. Coming from a dude who didn’t serve one day in the military and has multiple large military bases and a VA hospital in his district 🤬🤬🤬

  21. Fucking same! My Vietnam vet grandfather fights for those poor guys that are getting screwed already, now the government wants to fuck everyone of them over. Total bullshit.

  22. QQ: Does this include homeless veterans? Because the GOP brings them up a lot anytime we spend money on anyone else that needs help

  23. My wife and I play a game where we show each other pictures of political candidates and try to guess which is the republican. the cold dead eyes are the biggest giveaway.

  24. As a European I'm not sure who this guy is, but this photo sure reminds me of Prive Pyle before he goes full psycho in Full Metal Jacket

  25. In summary - he's under federal investigation for sex trafficking a minor over state lines to statutinarily (I think that's the word) rape her for money. He's also a Right wing nut job.

  26. How wonderful of Matt to suggest that veterans just go out into the private sector and search for care. Coming from a guy that gets free taxpayer healthcare.. STFU. Make the VA better... you know, your FUCKING job.

  27. I think he stated that if they get control of congress, he isn’t interested in passing legislation just want to punish the Democrats.

  28. Definitely not in defense of this guy but most of the recruitment woes currently are marijuana related criminal records, obesity and awful ASVABS. Of course if people interested in joining the military understood what he was saying they'd probably change their mind real quick

  29. I don't understand why Matt "Human Bobble Head" Gaetz is still out and about and what happened to the child abuse and human trafficking charges?

  30. Last I read: "career prosecutors" are recommending no charges for Gaetz due to apparent lack of credibility from key witnesses.

  31. I’m Canadian but was south of the border earlier this week. For a nation that goes out of its way to thank people for their service to their faces,some of you guys really don’t like to actually take care of them.

  32. I'm a type 1 diabetic. Last time I lost my insurance when I aged out I lasted 11 days before I no longer recognized my wife. Shit turns your blood to literal acid. Was in a coma for a week, had so much acid in my body I couldn't be hooked up to a ventilator because that small amount of acid that was released when I exhaled was too important not to have. I was the worst case of DKA that hospital had ever seen.

  33. Man wants to piss off a million highly trained killers with psychotic disorders related to battlefield traumas and likely regular wounds that reduce their life span. Seems like an unwise move.

  34. Never thought I would use “fivehead” outside of school, but here we are with Eddie Munster lookin ass freak showing up rabble rousing.

  35. People who vote for Republicans are stupid as hell. Best case of Stockholm syndrome. Let’s abolish every organization and let the “free market” take reign.

  36. They’re just a bunch of self entitled pricks…Gaetz is the poster child for look what daddy’s money buys

  37. Who said this? Was it the child molester Matt Gaetz or was it the human trafficker Matt Gaetz? Oh my bad, it was the human piece of garbage, Matt Gaetz.

  38. From Marine Veteran with 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan, fuck this guy I trust the Taliban more than this piece of shit

  39. he's right and he's wrong. They should abolish the VA healthcare system, and just give them all universal healthcare. Also give everyone universal healthcare.

  40. But I though they were all about guns, God and our veterans? Flag waving war heros and all! How come they are always voting to lower benefits and now want to do away with the VA all together? Where is their patriotism?

  41. In this picture, he looks like an Alternate Evil Universe version of Gerard Way, but in this alternate universe, he grew up to be a shitty pedophile instead of someone who shaped an entire generation.

  42. "Why should we provide health care to people who were supposed to die while deployed so we could have more political props?"

  43. What is this post title supposed to mean? Gaetz represents Hollywood, Florida. Not exactly the bastion of middle-class veterans. He's not likely to see any backlash from this stance in his own district.

  44. Tall words for a gutless punk who never was enlisted or has any military experience. Those are the very people that served, fought and died for this country. VA Healthcare is the one benefit they can count on as many continue to rely on their services. Seriously, is there anything lower than, Gaetz, Boebert and MTG in politics. Do us all a favor and crawl back under the slimy rock you came from, pedo. Can't wait until they vote you out.

  45. Most of us modern vets (as in the ones separated in the last decade or so) aren’t even remotely conservative, at least when it comes to social issues. There’s obviously a some that are but the majority of the right wing conservative veterans are the old boomer ones.

  46. Hey look, they've now attacked the two things they said they weren't gonna touch that many people claim is the only reason they voted Republican

  47. I recently took a beach vacation in Florida and OMFG so many “RE-ELECT GAETZ” signs, it’s hard to believe that he still has any supporters, but Florida is famously full of Floridians

  48. And his active duty and veteran heavy district will handily re-elect him in November because he’s got an (R) next to his name. The GOP and right-wing media has done an absolutely amazing job fear mongering people to vote against their own interests time and again.

  49. Are these the same people who hate Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem?? I mean, it's almost like they weren't trying to protect our military and that they were mad about something else. Hmm...

  50. The republikkkans hate our veterans our troops. Their great orange leader openly mocked gold star families and called our troops "morons" for serving, because he was a DRAFT-DODGER. While shouting "support our troops" from the rooftops, they have blockled EVERY pro-troop, pro-vet bill for over 20 years, as well as trying to block the 9/11 first responders health care bill this very summer. The real idiots are their stupid followers who keep voting for them and believe all the lies coming out of their mouths no matter how false or hypocritical. The GOP (GREED OVER PEOPLE) is for one thing and one thing only: their rich OWNERS and their corporations. PERIOD.

  51. Fuck this guy twice over now. He was a piece of shit before, now he is talking about the only healthcare I have and earned. He is a double piece of shit now.

  52. I wonder what his constituents think of this. His district includes NAS Pensacola and the huge Eglin Air Force Base.

  53. I read something a few years ago that was very persuasive. Too bad I can’t find it again. But it was advocating for universal healthcare. There were 5 types of health insurance.

  54. I'm an Iraq war vet who relies on the VA for health care. Sure, some are downright not good. But my current VA hospital (VA Palo Alto) is the best health care I've had period. Not all VA health care is bad. It can be fixed.

  55. Resembles the responses of republicans women I know when Roe was overturned. They did not believe it would ever happen, and now everyone (that I know) is now voting democrat.

  56. This guy trafficks minors, says that people with diabetes don’t deserve affordable insulin(because we all know that it’s their fault /s) and now wants to get rid of the VA. Awesome

  57. That’s the guy accused of pedophilia and human trafficking right just want to make sure Matt Gaetz was the one accused of having sex with minors Matt Gaetz of the GOP correct?

  58. He genuinely looks like Hollywood created a villain and set him out into the world. Now he's trafficking children to rape them and abolishing things for vets.

  59. Y’know, the thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When he comes after ya, he doesn’t seem to be livin’ until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white.

  60. But tell me more about how not standing for a song was the most disrespectful thing you could do to a vet…… /s

  61. Here’s how you fix the Va with one decision. Elected officials have to get their care there. Good enough for the vets good enough for them.

  62. isn't that the main reason people enlist nowadays? like to get around the really fucked up healthcare system?? I'd be so pissed if I did all that for healthcare just to have this loser ruin it.

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