MTG doesn’t need any help looking bad. She does a fantastic job of that on her own

  1. Normally I would feel very bad saying such a thing about someone, but I can't help thinking that in every picture she is reminiscent of an alienated, screeching baboon.

  2. I know how you feel. Calling people stuff like that is against my grain too- but after what we have all be put thru- think of it as therapy. Keeps you from punching them randomly.

  3. Well, what does she expect? Most media look for funny things to talk about since most of the other stories are devastating and depressing. Does she not know the comedy she provides for us. I mean her and Boobert and Gaetz. One of them is always going to give us something almost everyday.

  4. Jordan peterson just did the exact same thing. The fun part? Because he's a dude who lies about women and why men are isolated (they do it to themselves). Straight white men and boys all over the internet are now latching onto what he said as if he were correct. Meanwhile not generally giving a fuck about what she said. lol

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