Is he completely deluded?

  1. Knowing him he'd probably come up with something absolutely fucking stupid like "X-OS" so that he finally can get use for his

  2. I fully expect him to show off the unbreakable glass on that phone and will crack in half when he demos it on stage. Lol

  3. Is it going to be the freedom phone that morons like Candace Owens touted despite it being riddled with Malware and viruses.

  4. Given how things are going for him I absolutely believe he will consider making the ”Elonfon” coal powered.

  5. I've seen quite a few posts about Twitter potentially being removed from the AppStore, was there a statement from Apple or something?

  6. Twitter is not keeping up with security standards and other companies don't want to be liable. Apple has already removed their presence from Twitter.

  7. He doesn’t build shit, let alone rockets to Mars. I’m so tired of people claiming he’s actually done anything at all, by himself, with his own intellect literally ever in his life. He’s such a loser of a human being it isn’t even funny, and the worst part is that on some level he knows this

  8. He will steal the technology from someone and claim he invented it. I’m sure he’s dying for Apple and Google to drop him. It’s been extremely profitable for him in the past.

  9. Well, based on his excellent stewardship of Twitter, and how well the Tesla has been built and operating recently, I imagine Elon Musk's phones will work something like this:

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