What the fuck is wrong with people

  1. This is almost assuredly a joke, not something they actually fantasize about. But kinda funny how many people can't tell the difference because this makes as much sense as any other sexual fantasy to many asexuals.

  2. “What the fuck is wrong with these people”, the acephobe also says. Why is 90% of the content here shaming people/insinuating that there is something innately wrong with their sexual orientation?

  3. No need to shame this person for something so harmless. I swear this sub is getting more sex negative by the day.

  4. i just don’t understand why people need to be so vocal about it, i feel like we’re definitely allowed to take issue with that, like i just follow that sub for spongebob memes, i don’t want to have to hear about this it makes me immensely uncomfortable.

  5. Okay i get the joke is "haha allos are weird" but this is getting dumb and repetitive. It feels like we're just dunking on allos solely for having kinks or feeling sexual attraction at all. Low key feels like allophobia at this point. Nothing is wrong with them. Let people joke about sex and have their kinks and personal amusement if they're not hurting anyone. Chill out.

  6. It seems like the only thing these ace subs do is kinkshame allos for consentual sexual activity. Some of you could do with learning about kink and fetishes, even if you never intend to participate. Yes there are people turned on by food, and eating it off their partners body. And even if you find that weird, you have no right to shame them for it.

  7. i swear this 'are allos ok?' flair was a mistake. it's either screenshots of creeps (i don't want to see that) or shaming of random horni people who did literally nothing wrong.

  8. Yeah, for real... Like, I totally get those who are repulsed by the idea of combining food and sex (I personally find it yucky because I can only think about the mess and the cleanup needed afterwards lol), but taste is one of our main senses. I find it not much different than scented candles and massage oils used during sex.

  9. It’s humor, because no one would actually do this. That’s what irony is, an unexpected subversion of an assumption.

  10. We need a "allo shitpost" type of flair apart from memes cause these are just jokes but the post makes it seem like shaming. Unless I'm just as dense

  11. Friendly reminder that boobs are categorized as a fetish because they are not a sexual organ. We're not forced to wear shoes because people can sexualize feet, why the fuck am I forced to wear a shirt because people can sexualize my boobs? Fuck boob culture man, you can love boobs but please acknowledge the reality that I shouldn't have to have my body regulated to your fetish. Cishets control yourselves level: impossible

  12. Ignoring the titty part that seems very messy and annoying to clean up. Titties are for snuggling purposes only. -Local Bi Ace Transgirl

  13. How do Allos come up with these ideas? and why do you even put it on two sacks of fat on the chest of women? I think we Aces should study Allosexuals but I think that would be inconclusive and not lead to any solid results. Allos just are wierd

  14. Should've put macaroni on the left tit and cheese on the right because I like it way more than pb & j sandwiches.

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