Central Alberta, ladies and gentlemen.

  1. There's 106 miles to Calgary , we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses

  2. I roll my eyes every time I see that stupid truck. He got in line behind me at Save On a while back, saw who the cashier was and turned and ran- she started giggling and told me he didn’t like her because she won’t put up with his anti-mask bullshit.

  3. Well there’s the off chance that whomever owns that truck is a 100+yr old living out their best memories of being part of Imperial Germany (c1918)….but I’m guessing it’s just some dipshit.

  4. No, a loser that didn’t finish high school and sits at the local hotel drinking coffee all day complaining to whoever will listen.

  5. I eat at bennys breakfast bar often, it’s very good. I noticed a few of the waitresses there wearing upside down Canadian flag pins. It made me upset.

  6. Rule of thumb. If you show up at a rally expecting to fix Canada and generally improve our our collective plight and there is a guy there in a dirty Dodge Ram without mud flaps waving flags around and one of them is clearly representative of a group of people that started 2 world wars.... that rally isnt about anything socially uplifting.

  7. I drove from west of Edmonton to Calgary and back today and I saw so many of these people. The positive I suppose was I saw a trucker with a Ukrainian flag on his truck.

  8. Sees Canada flag: ok. Sees Alberta flag: ok. Sees f🍁ck Trudeau flag: wo buddy. I don't like him either, but really? Sees German Empire flag: so we're flying a banner that's been associated with fascist, racist white supremacy?

  9. Small "fun fact" about the Kaiserreich Flag. A lot of NeoNazis and Sovereign Citizen in Germany use that flag, to protest vaccine mandates. Want to know the last time Germany had a vaccine mandate (you could even end up in jail for up to 6 months, if you didn't get the jab)? Yepp, in times of the Kaiserreich.

  10. I’m surprised that truck doesn’t have deep dish wheels that stick out 2 feet past the fenders and his tow mirrors out. That would complete the look

  11. A lot of people here either don't know how blatant dog whistles work, or are happy to give cover for Nazis. Not sure which is worse.

  12. Should they not have a hospital? Are you suggesting we withhold necessary healthcare from people on political grounds?

  13. Your lucky..our population has grown significantly here with new subdivisions for people leaving Toronto...would love to see a new hospital..lots of people here don't even have a family doctor...so sad

  14. It's weird how these people are against self identification in one aspect in life but practice it in a different aspect of life. That's how the cookie crumbles I guess.

  15. Have I missed another flag getting co-opted by the alt right? Because that is the flag of the IMPERIAL German Navy .... i.e. dating to World War ONE. Edit: No need to reply just spotted the link below to use of imperial flags in lieu of banned symbols (i.e. swastikas).

  16. They put nasty fucking flags up like that and wonder why normal decent human beings hate them. I het over half the "freedom" rally people don't have a clue what they are even doing there

  17. Well shit. I have that flag from the 80s when it was just a neat looking German flag. Now I'm a fascist because some idiots used it for thier BS

  18. It's literally on ADL's list of hate symbols for a reason. Whether you have it because you think it's nest or not... It's been taken over by Nazis looking for loopholes.

  19. I can’t speak but the Freedumb nuts in my area appear to also be the nuts who are supporting Putin in his Ukrainian genocide.

  20. Their idea of freedom is they get to be free to do whatever they want everybody else. They are offended did anybody is in the way of that.

  21. It would be nice to understand your thought process for this idea? Also they aren’t genocideing the Ukrainians, they are invading them.

  22. Not everyone, most people still understand that the flag of the German Empire stands for the German Empire. Which… is… a very reasonable understanding, especially because if I have the flag of The Soviet Union chances are it means the Soviet Union.

  23. Pro Tip: whenever someone obsesses about an individual Canadian politician, you can be certain that person has been successfully propagandized. The enemies are corporations, banks, privately owned media and those who control them. Their goal? To ensure we are fighting amongst ourselves and not them. Mission Accomplished.

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