So Done....

  1. This Peppa Pig episode had me in absolute stitches. So fucking savage but just goes to show that these kids shows have small moments of genius that even us adults can enjoy. Makes watching these shows with my kid sister way more enjoyable.

  2. My mum and I were chilling whilst my siblings were watching Peppa Pig. It's the episode where they meet The Amazing Mr. Potato, and he tasks them with drawing their favourite vegetables. While the other kids are drawing things like carrots and potatoes etc. Peppa draws her dad lying on the couch watching TV. My mum and I lost it

  3. This is my second favourite bit on Peppa. My favourite is this episode where Mummy and Daddy Pig watch a Mr Potato show where he and a lady potato just go "Potayto! Potahto!" and Daddy Pig is like"ah, I love watching educational TV". It goes on for several minutes in the background.

  4. I thought I was the only one, my partner thought I was going crazy I was literally crying how savage it was.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who absolutely loves this moment. As far as I’m concerned, this is the highlight of the entire series.

  6. This was the first episode of Peppa Pig to make me laugh. So funny. The second (and last) episode that made me laugh was the school project one with all the glitter.

  7. I moved to a different country and went and added an old coworker that I really liked from my last job. One of the first things she did was try to get me to join her team...I used to have so much respect for her and it was just gone

  8. I don’t know what’s worse.... having a friend pitch an MLM to me OR a compete stranger on social media....

  9. I told someone who was a stranger that I wasn’t interested because I was taking care of my dad who just had a stem cell transplant, and she decided to start asking me super personal questions!

  10. Had a old coworker just text me the other day to sell me some shit. I told him I wasn’t interested and then tried to polity change the subject but he wasn’t having it.

  11. This is good but nothing will top the actually script of the episode. Suzy Sheep whistling on the first go was funny. But Peppa was just so. fucking. done. with her friend's shit. It was fantastic. Normally I hate this fucking show but this was perfection.

  12. My girlfriend can't whistle so this clip always make me laugh my ass off. Thank you for tying it to this subreddit #diamondexecutivelevel💎🥰💎

  13. My husbands aunt (whos younger than us cause his grandpa is a freaky old man) iw doing this now and i dont have the heart to tell her its probably not gonna go the way she thinks But its so.obvious shes posting a script cause her nornal talking style is...not great gramatically

  14. Here’s a link to the clip in the Peppa episode. My daughter watches Peppa and I’ve watched more episodes than I care to admit, but this clip is just legitimately funny. I never thought I’d laugh so hard at something in that show.

  15. Had someone do this but they worked at a car dealership. Always tried to hangout with the dude and he said he was busy. Calls me out of the blue trying to help me buy car.


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