Whats your opinion on Elon Musk

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  2. Used to love him before I knew too much about him personally; He’s responsible (through investment or otherwise) for a ton of progress in a lot of tech areas. SpaceX has done some monumental shit with the Falcon and Starship, Starlink has awesome potential, Tesla has done a ton to popularize electric vehicles and expand the availability/viability of home solar. Hyperloop was a cool concept.

  3. He's hated because he loves being in the public eye but when he's in the public eye people can see the dumb shit he says and does. His success isn't impressive considering where he started and how much other people had to do to make anything he did successful. He baits people on Twitter and likes to talk shit about anyone criticizing his actions and opinions. He makes a lot of bad decisions that are moneyed away.

  4. Fully agree. Musk is like a 9 year old who found the remote to the world. He‘s trying to do stuff which might or might not benefit the world but he makes such a fuss about it.

  5. Richest man in the world is autistic. I think thats pretty good representation. Idc if hes eccentric.

  6. Besides starlink(which is not an original idea since satellite internet already existed, what actual good as he done for the world? He said he would give 6 billion to end world hunger if they gave him a plan for how they would spend the money and then went silent when they presented a plan. He is the world's richest person by a lot and doesn't do anything with his money to help anyone. He has the kind of money that he could actually fix worldwide problems if he so wanted.

  7. Cofounder of PayPal. Brought US space exploration back up to speed with new technology & helped introduce more reusable rocketry. Grew Tesla tremendously and sped up adoption of electric vehicles by Americans, as well as creation of consumer electric vehicles by other companies. Also promoted a shift towards solar as an energy source. StarLink is cheaper and way quicker than any of the older satellite internet services too, and relatively easy to set up.

  8. Actually that whole thing got very distorted by the media. Basically the UN was trying to advocate for certain funding by claiming they could end world hunger for 6 billion USD. Elon recognized this was BS and said he would personally give them 6 billion if they could actually back up their claim. The UN did produce a document explaining how they would spend 6 billion, but independent analysts have confirmed the UN's "plan" would not come anywhere near ending world hunger. In fact, the final version of the plan never claimed that it would.

  9. That "plan" you mentioned to end world hunger with $6 billion wasn't actually a plan to end world hunger at all. It was a plan to feed 42 million people... for ONE YEAR. [

  10. He's a capitalist grifter who somehow convinced a shitton of internet nerds into thinking he's the saviour of humanity

  11. I don't really care much for him, I've always thought he was a bit lame but I don't have any burning hatred for him like a lot of people do. I do think he seems quite self absorbed, but what I dislike most isn't really about him but the weird cult of personality around him. Of course this isn't really as much of a problem now, a lot of people see him for what he is these days (just another rich man), but people used to treat him like he was some kind of real life Tony Stark a couple of years ago because he'd talk about all these unrealistically ambitious sci-fi projects and people would lap it up and totally buy into it despite the fact that most of the things he talked about were totally unfeasible.

  12. Not going to open myself up to attack by going into all of the reasons why, but I don’t like him. I will say that if you asked me this same question a few years ago, my answer would be totally different, but he’s changed and showed some of his true colors these past few years and I’m personally not a fan

  13. he’s the modern day edison. just bankrolls the actually smart people and takes all the credit. pompous, privileged, totally removed from reality asshole.

  14. As much as I dislike him, I don’t think it’s fair to try and “disown” him from the autistic community. Autism is simply his disability, nothing more, nothing less, and he can’t be separated from that.

  15. Tesla was an amazing accomplishment in the legal/regulatory/public opinion environment at the time but their stance on right to repair is unforgivable.

  16. I’m pretty neutral on him. He’s kinda a troll sometimes, Obviously lots of people hate all billionaires for reasons so that doesn’t help.

  17. I don’t know much about him tbh, but I feel like he says a lot of things, he knows his technology but doesn’t necessarily understand how it all works.

  18. I don't think he's uniquely bad or evil, he is a typical billionaire type with some unique idiosyncrasies (tech oriented both in his companies and outreach, being neurodivergent. etc). But "typical billionaire type" is by no means a praise of him. he is not who most of us would want the public in general to point to when they think of an autistic/ND person

  19. I like that he does and says what he wants and isn't concerned about conforming to norms of thought and action.

  20. i'm just going to point out that reddit is the last place to express an unpopular opinion if you want to continue being able to interact with the community on all but the most basic levels. :9

  21. You sound like you think you are owed something. In the marketplace of ideas those that spout repulsive ideas are rejected. You could try to find an island somewhere populated by people who share your views if you feel the world treats you unfairly

  22. He's a run of the mill piece of shit billionaire except he's more obviously insecure than most and courts public opinion. He also has a lot of unpaid sycophants running around defending him, possibly one of the most pathetic things anyone could do.

  23. He's not some paragon of decency but he's not as evil as people make him out to be. Like everybody, he has good sides and bad sides and (also like everybody ever) social media either descends into 'Elon Musk is literally god' or 'elon musk is evil and needs to go to prison' with absolutely no room for nuance. He's possibly the most topical example of this.

  24. He doesn't bother me. His actions don't affect me and maybe the destruction of Twitter is a good thing. It's a toxic cesspool of right and left politics.

  25. He's an idiot who failed/fails upwards because of his daddy's blood money and because of the horde of people even dumber than him who he convinced that he's some sort of tech messiah. He's not no matter what his shills say.

  26. I have found myself liking him of late. I used to associate him with greed, but once I started trying to listen to him more and think more about what he is actually doing, I found I actually agree with the fundamental principals of the projects that he is involved in.

  27. If he wanted to address issues such as fossil fuel use, why would he sell credits from Tesla that allow other companies to produce more ICE vehicles?

  28. I'd agree. I'd like to add that it's pretty ignorant to only look at a person as "all bad, or all good"...I mean there's the odd exception, but the guy's not responsible for the holocaust, for instance!

  29. He's the boss, simple as. The biggest middlefinger to everybody who was ever ableist. That enough puts him as a legend and inspiration in my eyes.

  30. I look at his face for 3 seconds and I know something is severely off with this dude. Like in a psychopathic evil kind of way.

  31. Indifferent. Having Aspergers doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll like someone. Not much difference than NTs in that regard. Like some people and not others.

  32. Can't stand him, and most-ashamed to share a diagnosis with him!! Furthermore, I don't care about space exploration, Twitter or electric cars, so he is completely useless to me and presumably vice versa. However, I wouldn't turn down a one-time generous gift of several million or more dollars until my next disability payment arrives, LOL!!

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