Today is the 1st day of early voting in Georgia. The choice is simple: Abrams & Raphael support choice & freedom. Kemp & Herschel Walker want to force 12 y/o rape victims to carry & birth their rapist uncle’s fetus. Find your polling place & go vote. Don’t let the Christian Taliban win.

  1. This is true of every politician you see out there bible thumping. They could not care less about any of these kinds of social issues, they are not impacted by them and they will therefore be on whatever side of them they feel they need to be to keep getting elected.

  2. And remember, even if you prefer Chase Oliver or Shane Hazel, voting for them will help Herschel and Kemp win. So consider your vote wisely.

  3. I read a report this morning from Newsweek that republikkkan’s chances are growing as the “abortion focus is fading”.

  4. FYI: There's still time (at the time of writing this comment) to request an absentee ballot if you don't want to wait in line:

  5. I don’t like the goalposts being moved. They are very happy to have the talk be about 12 year old rape victims, so that the discussion isn’t about bodily autonomy. That’s the real issue, the one we should be taking about. What goes on in your body is only your business.

  6. What’s interesting is that the government not having say over what a person does with their body used to be the Republican stance. Now it’s flipped. They’re going full handmaid’s tale - not even an original idea.

  7. Sterilisation is illegal in Poland , they want the US to copy it . Religion controlling politics, healthcare , education the media etc The seven mountains

  8. I was very glad to vote for Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams today here in GA. I am a prosperous 67-year old white male. Most folks looking at me simply assume I’m just another angry white male extremist MAGA Trump-loving Republican climate-denier/election denier. But I am not. I believe in truth, justice, fairness, facts and science. Religion is a totally fictitious sham. I’m proud to be an atheist, to recycle, to drive an electric car, to support environmental causes, to care about our planet and our future, and to clearly understand no magical, mystical, make-believe floating friend from above is going to jump in and save humanity from itself. We have to do that ourselves. We all live on this single pale blue dot, hanging in space, and wisdom and salvation and enlightenment come only from facts and science and reality and common sense and truth. We all have to save this planet from religious nut-jobs, from prejudice, from environmental inaction, from science-deniers of all kinds. It is the right thing to do. And it feels good; speaking truth to religious liars and political liars and science liars. Let’s all continue this honorable fight.

  9. This 52 year old Georgia dude can't wait to get to the voting place the first chance I get (Friday) for the same reasons.

  10. More people need to be like this guy. When we talk about white people, we don't mean ALL white people and he doesn't take offense because he knows who he is deep down

  11. I think it's also worth pointing out that Kemp and Walker have publicly said they would likely support the fact that no vote for anyone else other than Trump would count in the 2024 Presidential elections if he runs.

  12. What are you talking about? Kemp hates Trump's guts now but he won't say that to keep from pissing off the MAGA voters more than he already has. Kemp stood up to Trump against his election fraud nonsense.

  13. Georgia's current governor (kemp) said he would consider banning the destruction of embryos during in-vitro fertilizations. Next step will be forced implantation of all of them....

  14. it’s funny because even before this roe v wade stuff, there was absolutely no reason to vote for him. he’s a fucking jackass. “learning” about asymptomatic spread months after everyone else either makes him one of the biggest dumbasses on the planet or he’s just a cunt who’s terrible at lying.

  15. Nothing about IVF was mentioned in the question. The question was phrased simply about "destroying a embryo" so of course his immediate thought was yes.

  16. I like christian taliban. I know you have mostly protestants in US, but In my country we like to call them 'Catholiban'.

  17. And if you conservative jackass relatives happen by, remind them the Dominion voting machines are rigged by The Brothehood of Evil Muslims/Illuminati/Jewish bankers in general/Soros in particular, and not to bother trying.

  18. Imposing the will of unproven religion on government policy to the detriment of the citizens, and endorsing violence by the state akin to fascism.. there’s really no fundamental difference between the American Far Right and the Taliban. If the “rational right” indeed exists, they’re remaining silent in the face of fascism, effectively agreeing with fascism whether they truly agree or not.

  19. My first thought was: those are not Georgian names! Then i remembered that there also is an American province with the same name

  20. I also want to remind people that there is a candidate on the ballot for Lt Governor, republican Burt Jones, who was an actual fake elector. The guy should be in jail and could face indictment shortly after the election, yet he wants to be in charge of the state senate and certify elections.

  21. Hershel is an uneducated man who is being propped up by conservatives because they need a black man to win that state. He's so uneducated he doesnt realize everyone is laughing at him. The right is sick.

  22. Reddit posts and all the karma in the world mean nothing. If you want change you have to vote this election as if you're life depends on it.

  23. I am courious and not from the US. I just looked around at gagop. org, had a look at the candidates and there Info. Do they even make politics? I see no political content, the only thing almost relatable to Politics is "for re-election to build a safer, stronger Georgia, and keep our state the best place to live, work, and raise a family." But that is like saying. Elect us and we will make it better but no clue how.

  24. Make sure you double check all your candidates, don't fall for Manchins and Sinemas just because they have a D next to their names.

  25. Believe it or not, Manchin and Sinema were also the better votes in their states. The time for a better candidate was in the primaries, not November.

  26. Keep in mind that voting is very important, despite your cynism and nihilism. A Christian Taliban government could and might very well round up and execute atheists.

  27. It’s said that America always end up doing the right thing. I haven’t really bought that but it’d be nice if y’all could stop the rise of .. whatever trump wrought.

  28. Or to continue the long, slow process of fixing it at least. It's going to take a lot of consistent not-voting-open-Christian-fascists-into-power to get the US into a decent state.

  29. Also worth mentioning Herschel walker has severe brain damage. Nothing against those with mental health issues, but they obviously shouldn't be senators with severe brain trauma.

  30. Please vote. So many of the republican politicans are crazy this time round. I feel like there are usually a few crazies, but it feels especially bad this election.

  31. they feel emboldened to say the quiet part out loud now. lets hope those fools continue to say the quiet part as loud as they can so that there is little doubt as to what kind of scum they really are. and lets hope they never wise up from their losses and go back to keeping the quiet part quiet.

  32. And remember redistricting just occurred so you may be in a different congressional district. Confused me for a moment before I remembered now I’m in the 4th District with Hank Johnson.

  33. I can't believe there's a chance that Walker may become a U.S. Senator. He may be stupid, but his voters must be down right derp.

  34. Could someone explain me why it is so widespread in the US that uncles molest/rape their nephews/nieces?

  35. I can’t wait to vote here! I live in Illinois and swear this is the worst candidate for governor than I’ve ever seen. He’s pro life, homophobic, transphobic, anti women, 1950’s caveman who wants to drag us back into the dark ages. He’s a moron who is on the board of a school that teaches that evolution isn’t real, among other things


  37. As secretary of State Kent directly violated a supreme court order to hand over records and had them deleted within 24 hours with deletion protocols far beyond what is normally done and should be in a fucking prison never to see the light of day again. Don't vote for fucking criminals that use their position to protect themselves.

  38. I know it's not rational but I dont trust my early voting station. Will wait until election day when more people; hopefully honest people are taking care and watching over everything.

  39. Okay but in GA, districts have decreased the number of polling places and created lines hours long. The state recently made it a crime for anyone to so much as provide water to anyone waiting in line. It can be a huge burden and require missing work/school/other obligations to attend voting day in that state.

  40. The term is meant to emphasize the irony and hypocrisy of American Christians being huge Islamophobes yet bearing a strong resemblance to Islamic extremist groups themselves in terms of holding extreme beliefs and forcing them down other people’s throats

  41. Don't forget Flowers is running against a christian nationalist. If you live in Greene's district, and you aren't a shitbag, get out and vote on the 8th. If you live in Greene's district, and you are a shitbag, get out and vote on the 9th.

  42. I would love Marcus Flowers to upend Marjorie Taylor Greene in GA’s 14th District, she is an absolutely insane extremist MAGA Republican, who claims Democrats are KILLING Republicans! Yep, she actually said that, out loud. My concern is MTG and Jim Jordan and Josh Hawley and Ted “Cancun” Cruz and other Republican extremists will stand idly by when MAGA nuts decide to kill atheists or LGBTQ folks, or people of color, or immigrants, or whoever it is they wish to blame for them failing to win both the House & Senate on November 8.

  43. Yeah, I'm sure there's more than one policy they have, and everything should be taken into consideration when deciding who to vote for.

  44. I’ve been watching a lot of old Christopher Hitchens on YouTube and I’ve realized how far religion has pushed politics in the last several years. It used to be on it’s heals but now the Christian Right is seriously pushing some draconian positions. This should be the easiest vote for anyone to make since Walker is the epitome of a crayon muncher. He has zero reason to even be where he is let alone that high in the polls. Walker getting votes that people will serious vote for a deflated football if it gives them the power to control the courts and executive branch. They don’t care about Americans only power.

  45. Its funny I saw an ad for walker that said "walker opposes big government".....yet doesn't oppose the government telling a woman what she can do with her body?

  46. Its funny I saw an ad for walker that said "walker opposes big government".....yet doesn't oppose the government telling a woman what she can do with her body?

  47. Anyone voting for Herschel walker doesn’t care about anything beyond their team winning. No responsible adult would vote for that utter moron.

  48. Is it simple? One party is nuts and has me wondering if we're gonna need to protect ourselves from them in the future. The other party is less nuts, but just as corrupt, and wants to deny me the right to protect myself from the crazy ones.

  49. When you say freedom you mean one or two specific "freedoms". Both parties are all about pushing their shit on people. To say either supports freedom is disingenuous imo.

  50. To suggest that the two parties are comparable after what the right has done to women, lgbt, immigrants, the immunocompromised, etc over the past 2-6 years shows complete ignorance at best and apathy to the most malicious suffering at worst.

  51. Do Abrams & Raphael support my girlfriend's right to carry a gun to defend herself against being raped and needing an abortion in the first place? I'm pro-choice, but I'm far more pro-not-voting-myself-defenseless.

  52. Funny, I've been alive for 45 years and Democrats have been "coming to take your guns" those entire 45 years. There are more guns in this country than ever. Democrats have held the majority multiple times including this one. When are they coming to take the guns?

  53. Why are rapes still happening in the US if you are all so armed to defend yourselves? 🤔 Can 12 year olds get armed too to shoot their pervert uncle?

  54. This is a tough one. I believe in pro choice very strongly. I also believe in the 2nd amendment though, and these days you can’t have both. They can’t stop us from going to another state for an abortion. It’s an inconvenience, but will do nothing to stop people from abortions.

  55. democracy is just as dumb as religion. a law, regardless of how stupid , dangerous and backward it is, can be passed because of how popular it is. something that is detrimental to society and can cause a health crisis can become the law of the land because there are enough fools to say yes to it.

  56. I mean you should vote this way, but warnock is a Baptist preacher lol. He’s as far from atheist as you can get. Let’s not cover up these candidates shortcomings because we like them or we dislike the other guys

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