Police: Man who 'did not want to freeze' breaks into temple in Provo, faces felony charge. The Mormon church has 100 billion just in their stock portfolio. Yet they don’t build homeless shelters. They build malls instead & have the homeless arrested for seeking refuge in their temples. #MormonValues

  1. I should found a religion. I can make up dumb shit and lie to people, apparently that's a marketable skill. Plus, I could wear a stupid hat.

  2. Joseph Smith started Mormonism after he was unable to find buried treasure using folk magic techniques and a "seer stone".

  3. It then became I way to rape multiple women under the guise of "god's plan", and then it went back to a money scam

  4. Oh yeah and that time a bunch of Mormons dressed up as Native Americans, massacred a bunch of people, blamed it on Native Americans, covered it up, and then years later erected a fucking monument to their own evil deeds

  5. Yeah, those guys. The ones with billions of dollars in the bank but still bankrupt----morally bankrupt, that is.

  6. It's even worse than you think. The man who was eventually arrested and executed for this is John D Lee. The great grandfather of current shit bag Senator Mike Lee.

  7. They also pulled down and scattered a stone cairn, monument and cross erected in memorial to the 130 or so killed in the Mountain Meadows massacre. When they were forced to give back the 17 child survivors of the attack, they demanded compensation for their care.

  8. The same mormon church that set up a "legal hotline" for priests to call when someone admits to them that a member of the church is sexually abusing children entirely so that they could claim the abuse was reported to a legal team, absolving them of responsibility while they do precisely nothing about it other than sweep it under the rug? You mean that mormon church?

  9. It goes beyond even that. In addition to that, the Mormon leader at the time, Brigham Young, also ordered the extermination of the entire Timpanogos Indian tribe, which the Mormons were only too happy to oblige. Even when the Indians were trying to run away, even when they were trying to surrender, the Mormons still happily ran them down and carried out their edict.

  10. Goddamn the things I learned after leaving. It’s been years and I still have a daily “how the hell did I ever believe this” moment.

  11. The Mormon church runs a chain of thrift stores called Deseret Industries (DI). I once was trying to make a donation during off hours on a cold snowy day and was stopped by a security guard. He said he was there to prevent people from donating after hours because the homeless in the area had been going though the items looking for warm clothes.

  12. I remember walking home from school when i was a dumb 13 or 14 year old kid. It was the middle of winter in Alberta and i, because i was a dumb kid, was not wearing an appropriate coat......or toque.....or gloves.

  13. 14 years old? The pastor probably figured that you're too young to donate money and too old to sexually abuse. You just turned up there at a weird age.

  14. If this had happened in certain parts of Canada or Norway the charges would be dropped immediately. Basically, if you break into an unoccupied building to protect yourself from the elements and don't steal anything or destroy anything other than what was required for you to get in, then you aren't considered to have broken any laws. Just to be clear, you will likely still get arrested if someone finds you there before you leave and they'll need to investigate to be sure you meet all the criteria to go free. So don't go breaking in to places just for fun, it's specifically to allow people to save themselves from freezing to death.

  15. People need shelter. It’s not up for debate. Food, water, shelter and air are basic necessities. People die without, it’s that simple.

  16. Yeah except this article says it shows him breaking in and walking around before leaving. Doesn’t sound like he was staying there to get out of the cold. He broke in, had a look around and then bounced.

  17. I thought churches are there to provide refuge for the poor and needy? This is one of the reasons why I think these religions are liars. They should be taking in homeless people during the winter instead of locking the place up.

  18. I think you are confusing them with other religions that claim to provide refuge for the poor and needy.

  19. Sikh temples are the only ones I know of that will always take people in and feed them, no questions asked

  20. They don't care. Provo, Utah even has zoning laws that prohibit homeless shelters being built in their town.

  21. Other churches in the area do far more for the homeless community. The Mormon church never does this, nor do they think it’s their responsibility. The temples are exclusive to Mormon church members, and even then only worthy (i.e. tithe paying) members can enter, work in, or clean them. The money the Mormon church claims to give to charity is mostly charity within their own membership.

  22. My local (NW US) Mormons literally do this in their meetinghouses. I've volunteered with them there. I did the night shift and was usually partnered with a Mormon. One of us would oversee the gym/auditorium area where they were sleeping, let people in and out of the locked entrance, help anyone if they needed anything, and the other would be in the kitchen making sandwiches and putting together over 300 packed lunches for the next day. The volunteers who relieved us in the morning made breakfast.

  23. Im not religious, but I attended church with my family as a kid. Got stuck with nowhere to go and soaking wet in the winter in Central New York. The church let me in. Don’t agree with the beliefs, but they let me in. They didn’t preach to me at all. Not defending religion, but those people helped me.

  24. "You will always have poor people, so don't waste money on them that could be used to glorify me instead" [Matthew 26:8-11]

  25. Tax these fake religions. No religion should have billions in the bank, they’re supposed to be charitable and kind, not hoarding cash like Scrooge!

  26. I've been to SLC and never saw so many people on the street somewhere so cold. Wonder how many were ex-Mormon or came to the city for help they never got

  27. They were heavily involved in Prop 8 in California around 2008. It was legislation to ban same sex marriage. I was unfortunately a member at the time and it was one of the first things that slowly started to change my mind about them. They were pulling well to do members in and asking/pressuring them to donate to the cause. They also had members going door to door in CA hoping to drum up support.

  28. I wish they would all get the heck out of Elko. We have a bad homeless situation, drug use problem and housing shortage and the Mormons are now building a temple in a town of 25k. They try tirelessly to recruit - missionaries everywhere and if you aren’t Mormon your business will not survive. I wish people would wake up about what a scam the LDS is.

  29. They’re building useless temples everywhere as a way of assuring members of continuing growth, when in reality they’re hemorrhaging members.

  30. The Mormon church is also one of the biggest dealers for heroin. They have an extensive investments portfolio as well.

  31. I went to Salt Lake City for a wedding and the amount of homeless on the streets was like nothing I’ve personally never seen, and then you see these huge Mormon buildings like actual high rise office buildings like they can’t use some of this money to help the people in their own backyard? Isn’t that what religion says you should do?

  32. Oh, see, that's the Temple. I couldn't even go in to see the Wizard marry/seal/bless/enchant my niece because I'm not a MormoMan. Maybe if he broke into a church would've gotten more leeway.

  33. Sounds about right. I grew up Mormon. It’s ironic how many homeless people sit around temple square and that giant mall across the street in Salt Lake City. So much opulence and grandiose ness while the homeless freeze on their doorstep.

  34. They don't even let most Mormons themselves into the temple you think they're gonna let anyone else, especially the homeless? It's their special elite little God squad.

  35. Joseph Smith was called a prophet (Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb) He started the Mormon religion (Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb). (Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb) Joseph Smith was called a prophet-

  36. Shelter should be considered a human right, protected by the government of the people. Tax the church and use the money to build housing.

  37. I wonder how much home prices are inflated from churches buying up land and having buildings just sit there. In my town, the largest structure is a hospital followed by the mega-churches...

  38. They own all sorts of real estate companies. They're benefitting from the housing crisis-- why would they do anything to eat into their profits?

  39. Hmm reminds me of that church down south owned by that rich guy who turned people away during one of those hurricanes to stay in his megachurches because he didn't want to. Then they found a bunch of money in one of the bathroom walls of one of his churches? Don't remember the name of the guy but that's cause they aren't important to me.

  40. Weren't churches originally built not just as a place of worship, but as refuge for the poor & sick? Granted this is mormon, not middle-ages christianity.

  41. I live right in the heart of Mormon country, Salt Lake City. The Mormons have always been very conservative and close-fisted with their money. Unless it happens to be a cause that the mormon church supports, of course.

  42. When I was around 7 or 8, I was out with my family on a bicycle ride. I told my parents I had to pee and we were near a church where there were multiple people setting up tables and such for an event they were hosting. My dad took me inside and asked if I could use the bathroom. They told us no, I couldn't. So my dad took me outside and told me to piss on the building, and of course I did.

  43. This is fucking crazy, in my younger days when I would roam around the country I stayed in so many random churches in the middle of the night and it was never a problem, like, that was half the point of them BEING there.

  44. Can someone ELI5 why the Evangelicals, Baptists and Catholics aren't taking any kind of public stand against scientology?

  45. Haven't you heard? He came back from the dead! Then he floated up into the sky and now zombie Jesus hangs out with his dad (who is also himself) and their ghost friend (who is also them) in heaven.

  46. FYI - there is a homeless shelter almost exactly 1 mile away. Food and Care Coalition 299 E 900 S, Provo, UT 84606

  47. I commute past the old Union Pacific station in SLC, which has a full tent city. I think about this a lot. There’s a catholic homeless shelter near there, but in the headquarters city of the Mormon church, they do nothing. They built an upscale mall to push these people out of sight, not actually help them. The Mormon church has enough money and influence in SLC to build a dozen highrise low-income or free housing, but instead they opt for exclusive high end condos. It’s so shameful.

  48. The worst two friends I ever had growing up were two Mormon kids. Thought we were friends most of my life until one day I realized they thought of me as an outsider

  49. Don't ever get involved in or expect charity from religion. At the best case, they are doing charitable work but with a catch. They just want to try and draft you in to their flock. Think of it as the free gift you get with a time share presentation.

  50. I thought you could go in any church for sanctuary. This doesn’t sound right considering they don’t pay taxes. I was Mormon once, and that religion is crazy if you ask me. However, they do take care of their own.

  51. Mormons have church and temple. Only approved Mormons are allowed to enter temple, which is like super church? The coolest of the cool kids.

  52. I recently left the mormon church, they don't even give a shit about their own members. This disgusts me. People matter more than fucking buildings.

  53. Don’t forget a for-profit hospital monopoly that dumps sick people on the street once they are stable.

  54. Could someone explain the prop 8 thing? If it's what I'm thinking of, I was pretty young (and still heavily indoctrinated in the church) to know the reality of the situation.

  55. Proposition 8 was a proposition in California that said marriage was only between a man and a woman. The Mormons poured huge amounts of money into a campaign supporting it. It got defeated anyway and now it's irrelevant, thankfully.

  56. C'mon there us plenty of religions to choose, If the salvation offered by this is not what you're looking for, go to another church. Business is business

  57. Shitbags. Too bad heaven is fake and they’re just hoarding money that could be used to help other, REAL people on Earth right now.

  58. Um yea, homeless shelters are not lucrative. The church is just a business pretending to be a religion, like most all the others. All about those tax breaks, who gives a shit about an angel named Moron with the letter "I" tacked on the end, a founder who was clearly a scam artist, or the innocent settlers who had thier children stolen after being slaughtered by Mormons in the Mountain Meadows Massacre?

  59. Why does a religious institution have a stock portfolio . . . These are the questions we should be asking.

  60. if your church/temple/mosque doesn’t house and feed the homeless you’re at the wrong place of worship.

  61. Religion is such a joke now (always has been) and people can’t except that. “It was Gods plan”.... bitch stop quoting Drake

  62. My in laws have been struggling massively with moving to Utah (they wanted to so bad bc of the whole meant to be here shit) and they can barely afford to live now. Instead of buying food they were instructed to always pay their tithes no matter what. They were given a voucher to get food at the church stores. Theres so much fucked up stuff that happens and my dad in law tells me but they don’t see anything negative about it. Like bragging that the church owns this that and the other but can’t help their people for free. Mind you they sell their food products and get to keep tons of surplus for free

  63. There are few religious “groups” (cough cults cough) that actually give a F about people, including their own. I still don’t understand how people can groom their kids into this crap & not recognize how disgusting their systematic belief systems truly are.

  64. $100+ billion in the stock portfolio that we know about after they tried to keep it secret for so long. There is no reason to assume that they don’t have more funds just like that one that they are still successfully hiding just like this one was before it was discovered!

  65. Same could be said of the Catholic Church, and all of the megachurches in this country. All are greedy, gluttonous hypocrites.

  66. This goes for all NPO’s (so churches, healthcare organizations, etc)… they should be REQUIRED to give back to their communities a certain (HIGH) percentage of their additional incomes that precipitously increases the more they “make” (aka the $ they screw out of others) to UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE.

  67. Whatever you wanna say about LDS church, go ahead. Honestly, what doesn't add up is that Food and Care Coalition shelter is a mile south and a bit east of that temple... and there's a bus (that's free) with a route that takes you close to F&CC. There's also the main food bank for the city about a mile and some west of that temple. Theres also the church's main welfare distribution/sheltered employment office about 2-2.5 mi northwest of the temple. There are options for help in Provo. Breaking in to the temple just doesnt make sense.

  68. And they go to poor countries where they can recruit more idiots like them in the exchange for food, water and shelter, really discusting.

  69. I noticed this the last time I was in SLC. They have a huge wall built up around their buildings and tons of homeless people are posted up outside those walls. Religion is disgusting and so hypocritical.

  70. Friend bought a new motorcycle. We live kind of in country. Only and biggest parking lot was this mega church built just outside of town for the city people. Went to the corner of lot tues 2pm. Only one other car in lot (300 yards away)10 min later told private property get off or they are calling pd. Never left 1st gear never went faster than 10 mph. Never made excessive noise or damaged property.

  71. It’s fucking cold out here right now and this is the most Christ-like thing Mormons are capable of during the holidays. Light the world my ass. Truly another cold day in hell here in Utah

  72. A megachurch in Houston prevented folks from entering the church during hurricane Harvey when it struck Texas a few years ago.

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