What's one law in Australia you think is incredibly backwards?

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  2. Former Queenslander, I never knew that! ( I’m such a criminal; done it heaps of times for safety’s sake, both on runs to Canberra, and even on the way home from work

  3. Really? I do long drives every now and then for family events and I tend to take a kip halfway through. I've had cops tap on the window just to check on me. But never any charges.

  4. Not a builder, but I got screwed by someone claiming to be a carpenter. Completely messed up my renovations & caused damage to other property. He left for lunch one day and didn't come back. Tried to go through VCAT, but because he cancelled his ACN, nothing we could do. Lawyers said it would cost more to pursue than worth. He is now advertising under another business name.

  5. It's usually the developers that do this, not so much the builders. Developers will set up a pty Ltd company, let's say "123 Easy Street Pty Ltd" that will just be for that property. 123 Easy St Pty Ltd then engage a builder to build it for them. Sometimes the builder and the developer is the same parent entity & same directors. It would be rather laborious to set up a new building company for each project because getting a building licence, insurances, all that stuff is not simple.

  6. Yeah I came to say this. Message sent = Let’s funnel drunk people into a dangerously addictive gambling environment. Also let’s have every second TV commercial be for a gambling app.

  7. the only reason 2 Up is banned except Australia Day is it cant be taxed easily, the government loves exploiting addicts edit: *ANZAC day

  8. Not only that, but those laws were initially enacted after a one punch attack in the cross that ended up killing the kid. But it happened at like 9pm, so the lockout laws wouldn't have even done anything to stop Thomas Kelly getting killed that night.

  9. In most parts of Australia, there's no formal legal entitlement to compensation if you are wrongfully convicted of a crime and later turn out to be innocent- even if you spend time in prison. Any compensation paid by a government is usually done ex-gratia.

  10. Under the Marketing of Potatoes Act 1946, it was illegal to sell, purchase, take delivery of and deliver more than 50kg of potatoes, but thankfully this was repealed last year.

  11. After the current spate of hacks and open APIs it doesn't really look like companies need any coercion to have backdoors.

  12. Is this the one where software engineers can be jailed for refusing to put security backdoors in to their systems? Disgraceful and irresponsible.

  13. I was thinking about this law in regards to the spate of data breaches. Guess the law of mathematics does trump the law of australia.

  14. I left a one star review after leaving my real estate agent and I got a letter from their lawyers asking to remove it as they may be instructed to take further action 🙄

  15. My dad got fined for leaving his window down a couple of inches in his car while it was parked on his drive. Policeman said it was open to theft so could fine him - it isn't even a rough area.

  16. I have a prescription for cannabis and can't legally drive at all, even if I don't take it, meanwhile no restrictions for opiates, benzos or any other pharmaceutical

  17. Can’t upvote enough. I literally can’t take my medication for like a week so I can legally ride my motorcycle on the weekends. So stupid.

  18. i’m eligible for prescribed cannabis and i think it would really be beneficial for my ptsd but i drive every day and i don’t know legally if i would be allowed to drive

  19. I live in Switzerland (i used to live in Australia) and it's the same here. Got caught smoking a joint on the way home outside my own house (I wasn't driving), got a small fine but they made me take a urine AND a hair test in addition to a psychological test to make sure I am "fit to drive". Whole thing costed me 2000 chf (~2500aud) because I had to pay for the tests myself, even though my drug tests came up negative

  20. We still have this law where it's illegal to serve alcohol by itself on days such as Good Friday. You have to buy a meal too.

  21. Thats a big one that should be repealed. It's a religious holiday where the government is enforcing religious practices on non religious people.

  22. I work in aviation so sometimes find myself in hotels on these days and it shits me to tears that I can’t order a beer due to religion. We just order a meal and sit on it for a few hours.

  23. That harming animals even to the extent of strangling a dog to death is a summary offence, meaning you wouldn't even get arrested

  24. A dude in my town killed his dog by jamming a metal file/wood rasp down it's throat. Pretty sure he got done for it but I could be wrong. Another bloke had TWO horses break their necks straining to get to their buckets of water. He's not supposed to be able to own horses anymore. You'd think he'd have got in trouble after the first horse. And yes, he still has horses.

  25. If you are in the drive through of your local fast food joint, and want to use your phone to pay for your purchase, legally, you must turn the car off (handbrake on etc) before touching your phone.

  26. That will vary by state, in QLD using it to pay in a drive through is allowed.. if stopped safely, which is different from parked safely.

  27. In Sydney the police were fining people for being on their phones in the lines of drive through covid testing clinics while they waited for hours during the summer.

  28. This was true initially however the rules were changed a while back. It's now ok to use your phone justnl like your card to pay for maccas drive thru

  29. Booked two days off to have my wisdom teeth removed under full aesthetic (and a day of recovery after) and my TL tried to tell me I couldn’t do that. I said no probs, I’ll come in after the procedure. Called in sick right after it. Ridiculous.

  30. You can get a doctor's certificate from chemist warehouse. It costs about $20 but it's your best bet if you need to take the day off and your boss is a wanker.

  31. Distillation of alcohol. You can go out and buy all the gear and ingredients to make it but the second a drop of alcohol comes out if that still it becomes illegal. We should go the way of NZ

  32. Legal to own distilling equipment, however the only recommended legal activities are making perfume and boiling crustaceans!

  33. This is absolutely not enforced. I have a still and i have a lot of mates who are coppers. Absolutely not an issue unless you are selling it to the public.

  34. I was pretty deep into moonshine for a minute before I quit the piss entirely, it is perfectly legal to distil alcohol for personal consumption you just need a

  35. I don't do this, but I can assure you if I had a still I wouldn't give a crap about that law. These fall into the category of personal micromanagement laws that I feel is overstepping a boundary.

  36. yeahhh its just it can really kill a lot of people if its done wrong and distributed. hence it is heavily regulated, its not illegal.

  37. While it’s not as serious as some of the laws people have commented, our media classification and ratings are perhaps the most conservative and restrictive in the western world.

  38. I don’t think the law is particularly backwards, but the penalty surely is. 7 years ago when I was 18, on the Friday of the first week of my first “real” job I decided to get a celebratory beer for the 40 minute train ride home. Finished the beer in 15 minutes, held on to the empty for the rest of the trip to ensure it got put in a bin at the station when I get off. Police saw me getting of the train with an empty been and was given a $400 fine. From memory at the time the fine was more than a mid range drunk driving charge. 7 years later and I’m still so bitter. The most expensive beer that I will ever buy

  39. Yep that is bullshit. Fuck that fuckwit who gave you the fine, especially for that amount as they know that it would cost you as much to contest in court, fuckers.

  40. According to the Victorian Rain-making Control Act of 1967 section 9, I can't make rain. Ive always wanted to take up thunderstorm creation as a hobby, but nooo, fucking Vic gov won't let me make rain

  41. Negative gearing is a law I regularly explain to people in other countries and they’re like; what the fuck you talking about?!?!?

  42. I still maintain it needs to be limited to ONE, RESIDENTIAL property, and if you earn over a certain threshold in a year you can't negative gear at all

  43. The one that allows federal police read, copy, modify and delete data from your electronic devices and accounts without consent.

  44. Negative gearing and franking credits. This is largely a uniquely Australian law that gives an enormous advantage to investors over mum & dad buyers

  45. Allowing betting ads to be on everything even if you are exempt from at the pub you can't avoid it or be exempt at home on YouTube or tv

  46. It has gotten ridiculous, I mean I'm a semi professional who bets primarily on horses and it even annoys the crap out of me lately......especially the Shaq ads they're so amateur/cringey.

  47. That a victim of sexual assault can't self identify with their real name, and are forced to apply to the court to be allowed to do so, at the cost of many thousands of dollars to the victim. Crazy that you can't tell your story with your real name.

  48. Child car seats from the rest of the world being illegal. It’s pure trade protectionism to have a special child seat standard that surprise surprise only Australian brands happen to comply with. It’s dressed up as “our standards are the safest in the world” as if places like Germany and Sweden have lax vehicle safety standards.

  49. And to add to the backwardness, the ACT legalised possession and cultivation for personal use, but buying, selling, and even giving away are still illegal. So if you had it when it was illegal, you're sweet, but get caught acquiring it now that you can legally possess, you're in the shit. Mind you, it's still illegal under commonwealth law anyway.

  50. There is a mini doco called Murder Mountain on Netflix that shows how things progressed in the US. It was very interesting. First hippies, then gangs then big pharma.

  51. Reasonable force basically means you'll have to have a jury trial, like the saying it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  52. It's really a collection of laws and an attitude, the mass surveillance we are subject to. Facial recognition, profiling, monitoring, data retention...

  53. I was in Woolworths the other day at a self serve check out. And to the right of the screen was a small window with my face on it. Do all Woolworths do this? I was like WTF.....

  54. I’m so surprised how we’ve all just let it happen. Most of our private data has been irrevocably lost on the internet now, and everywhere we’re being asked to provide more and more of it.

  55. As an American, who has lived in China and is now in Australia, its nothing like China and will never be

  56. I agree, I camp on remote beaches so never have any trouble. But if you allowed it on a popular public beach, there would be posts on here every week showing how people trashed the place and left rubbish.

  57. I kind of agree with this one, if a group of louts are down the beach acting like tools the cops need something other than "you're being a lout" to hit them with.

  58. The fact that it’s an offence to drive just because it’s detected in your blood is absolutely nuts. It should be based on effective impairment only. They need to sort this nonsense out, before more people have their lives ruined by an overbearing law. The only reason cannabis isn’t more tolerated in Australia is that this country is full of ignorant idiot conservatives and the tobacco and alcohol industries don’t want to compete with legal cannabis.

  59. I remember getting emergency contraceptive as an 18 year old. The pharmacist was such an asshole to me. Treated me like a second class citizen, an idiot, a whore.

  60. AFAIK doctors who personally are against contraception/abortion/morning after pill are obligated to refer on to another doc who is. I wonder why it’s different for pharma

  61. This also applies to giving people PrEP, which I think is so unethical, regardless of religious beliefs… how can someone deny a human if preventive medication to HIV?

  62. Yes, PEV's (personal electric vehicles) like the ones you mentioned absolutely need to be embraced and encouraged as cleaner, more effective personal transport, that saves on congestion and emissions. Yet what we get are restrictive laws in most states, outright bans, haphazardly managed trials, and the media having a field day with the odd bad egg or non-helmet wearer that hurt themselves.

  63. On the ebikes thing all those delivery drivers using ebikes are using illegal ones. Throttle powered ebikes can only be used on private property. Dumb.

  64. Our euthanasia laws for sure. How is it that we can euthanise our pets to prevent them from suffering but then that suddenly changes for people with terminal illnesses who want to go out painlessly and with dignity?

  65. Terminally ill Voluntary Assisted Dying activist here! VAD has now been legalised in every state in Australia although its still in the implementation process in SA, QLD and NSW. The NT was actually the first place globally to legalise it but the Howard governance were like yeah nah get fucked and passed a law preventing the territories from making laws about VAD.

  66. It's illegal to fly a drone over private property (good law) and illegal to shoot down a drone over your own property (dumb law). Drones are increasingly used by thieves to scope out rural properties and often police are 30+ minutes wait time if they show up at all.

  67. How big of a private property would it need to be before you were allowed to shoot a gun 45 degrees up in the air? Bullets need to land somewhere, hope it's not my yard.

  68. Not a weed smoker any more and not Australian but it seems cray to me that in Queensland you can get a medicinal cannabis prescription to take it as a suppository that doesn't even make you high but you will done for drug-driving if tested.

  69. If it makes you feel any better, there's a high chance I'd test positive for amphetamines because I'm prescribed dex.

  70. I don't actually know how we compare to other countries on this, but my mind was blown when I found out that the age of criminal responsibility in Australia is ten. The idea of ten year old children being 'criminally responsible' just seems ludicrous to me.

  71. Not quite a law, but a medical policy arrangement. How the fuck are dental and mental not covered by Medicare?!?! Talk about backwards ass shit... part of your physical body? Yeah, but nah... not covered by our healthcare system, soz.

  72. Family law is caveman level bad. And there are so many people financially benefiting from it it will never change: lawyers, , family report writers, etc.

  73. Produces less radioactive material than burning coal (coal has a minute amount of radioactive material in it... We burn so much of it that it's emitting more radiation than nuclear waste would)

  74. Not sure about laws, but internet security and banking transactions are appalling here as opposed to some other countries. Internet transactions / security are appalling in comparison with others

  75. Alcohol restrictions. Can buy 7% lagers in NZ supermarkets. Here in SA you can't buy any alcohol in supermarkets.

  76. I wish vaping laws were enforced. Almost every kid we have in care (12-16) vapes, and they do it at the rate that makes smokers look healthy. Even if we get the vape off them, they can just go down to the local tobacco shops and buy a new one.

  77. i haven’t thought about this deeply whatsoever, but making foreigners who want to stay in the country go and work on a rural farm for a couple of months seems a bit fucked

  78. I think it would be more reasonable if they paid them fairly for the farm work and weren't treated as slaves.

  79. While not everyone is going to agree with me here, I’ve got a feeling that many of the suggestions are going to be around housing laws and building regulations.

  80. Immigration - been trying to get PR lawfully for years now and even immi advisers are saying to just get an Aussie partner as it’s the only ‘easy way’ 🙄 Sort your shit out!

  81. A 17 year old girl sending a topless picture to her 17 year old boyfriend she can legally sleep with is technically guilty of manufacturing child porn and can be a registered child sex offender for life. So can the guy.

  82. Any company storing encrypted data has to provide a backdoor for Australian law enforcement to access that data unencrypted.

  83. No grounds evictions on a tenancy, the amount of stress and anxiety that has flowed from this law is criminal. Everyone deserves to have some certainty that can have a home without it being ripped out from under them because a landlord felt like it.

  84. Your immigration laws and the rules prohibiting doctors and camp staff in your pacific camps from reporting abuse or offenders where it would be mandatory for them in every other location in Australia

  85. The law that allows makes local councils responsible for people safety in public areas. In the rest of the world, you fall off a cliff or into a river, that’s on you.

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