Once my dog ​​fell down the stairs, now he is encouraged to go up but not down. These are the results:

  1. The wood is slippery for dogs, we put down some clear grip strips for our girl and she never has issue anymore. They also come off perfectly clean. You can order them on amazon.

  2. Happened to my blind greyhound the first hour he was in our new house even though we had it blocked off. It was awful. It took a full year but he finally got over the trauma and will go down the stairs now by himself.

  3. Put treats on each stair every day to encourage him to use them. Encourage him to go a little further each time. He will learn to manage steps better and get over his fear.

  4. My dog had a fear of going down stairs too. Eventually I just went down one step at a time and told my dog to follow. She got over her fear after we went down the steps once.

  5. My uncle had a 100 lb British lab that once stepped through the back of some wooden stairs (like the kind on a deck) and hurt himself, and forever afterwards would not use stairs of any kind. And he lived in a second-floor apartment.

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