[OC] What should i name my cat? Stupid names encouraged.

  1. How is this not top comment. Came to say this. Twoface is too on the nose, Harvey is perfect.

  2. Was gonna comment Harvey. Scrolled down a few, saw it. This is the answer. For Harvey Dent btw OP. If you’re a Batman fan this is the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

  3. Based off your idea Roobi- ran out of black ink Pronounced like ruby, but I think yours is better lol

  4. There used to be a weird hand puppet TV show called Oobi back in the early 00's that I completely forgot about until reading this.

  5. There's a video game with a character that is named Janus and it's pronunciation by the dub team is absolutely hilarious. I have no idea if it's correct or not but they say "Jane-us" like J-anus. Like some girls butthole. I crack up every time I hear it!

  6. We had a cat that I wanted to name "Screechy",(she had an odd scratchy kind of meow) and my son wanted to name her "Reese's Pieces" because she was mostly black with lots of small orange spots. We compromised and named her "Screechy Pieces". lol

  7. Years ago I met a fluffy white poodle lookin dog named Jermaine. I still laugh at how funny that dog's name was.

  8. I vote for simply “cat”. That’s what we call our cat. Cat doesn’t seem to mind. He ignores that name just as well as every other name.

  9. Crankle, Snoodle, Scrinch, the Senator, Timbles, Premato, Cutecumber, Scrimmagican, Tornator, Blerkus, Yeetlejuice, Hurdy-gurdy, Shartling

  10. I always name my animals after traits they display. For example, one of my cats is named Badbutt because he’s always up to no good. His sister is named Mischief because, well, you get the ideal.

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