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  1. They also smell like pandan. Which is a SE Asian thing that most North Americans and Europeans are probably not aware of

  2. Yes, it’s natural, but some dogs are worse than others. They make wipes and such for it, I didn’t like the wipes, not moist enough to really clean the paw.

  3. The reason they smell like Fritos is actually because of a fungus that grows between their paws. Caused by a bacteria known as pseudomonas and proteus but it’s perfectly normal.

  4. Not quite but I am obsessed with (okay I exaggerate) kissing my cats’ little faces for sure. Hard to explain, they smell like safe happy comfy wonderfulness, and they purr like crazy I just can’t

  5. I had to show this to my chihuahua that doesn’t like to be snuggled. Trying to teach him it’s normal and that he needs to accept my love.

  6. I cannot stand how dogs smell but I love to bury my nose in my cat's fur.... I wonder if this is a cat/dog person thing....🤔

  7. One of my dogs smells like the top of a baby's head no matter where you smell (and has for the last two years) and it does something weird to my brain. This video is pretty analogous to that.

  8. I did this, well not like this, but I did smell our dog's fur, it was like an instant hit of serotonin. She smelled lovely. A mixture of home, love, fur and meadows she used to run through. I used to bury my nose in her neck and she loved it too, because she lived for our tender affection. Damn it, I really do miss her company.. She'll forever be at home now.

  9. My dog just fucking stinks. Could bath him, and then he’s smells nice for five mins and then he stinks again. I don’t know how he manages it. But he reeks all the time.

  10. In Japan they call this “inu-sui”, or dog-inhaling. The cat version (neko-sui) is more popular but both are gaining ground as stress relief methods

  11. For me it’s my cats. When I had Covid and lost the ability to smell, I was super sad I couldn’t smell my cats… call it weird, but animals have that “new baby smell” type of specific scent…

  12. My sister and I call it “the juice.” Most of our cats and our golden retriever had it. For some reason one of them didn’t which was a bummer. My sister’s bunnies don’t have it either (still cute as all get out tho).

  13. Uhhh...is this normal? Dogs lick their balls/anus and some even eat shit...then you kiss and shove its mouth in your own mouth? Ughhhh....

  14. I though I was a weirdo, smelling my cat... only the best balanced diet wet food twice a day and great quality kibble for in bewteen, and her coat and skin underneath smells so good! 🤣❤️

  15. I tell my boss that I rushed into work because I overslept, but this is a damned lie because I spent at least five minutes doing this. The Chihuahua is the little princess admidst the bulldog and a great Pyrenees, so it needs special treatment and it has such widdle paws....

  16. I love this so much! I think my dog smells great but so many people tell me he smells. He's got a hound smell which I love!

  17. The only thing I can relate with is kissing around my dogs head, never his mouth. Also I only sniff his head after he gets a bath, or to check his odor for when he needs a bath.

  18. This is me with my bunny. But he doesn’t really smell like anything since he is litter boxed trained and lives inside the apartment, free roaming. But if my sister has pet him recently, I can tell since her perfume will rub off on him.

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