Short Road Trip Ideas

  1. Head east out of Barrie toward creemore, Kimberly, hornings mills etc. So hilly, open farmland mixed with forests and lots is beautiful small towns. Quintessential Ontario.

  2. Great place. A two hour walk from Eugenia Falls will bring you to Hoggs Fall. Really nice hike.

  3. No destination, but we grab coffee and play flip a coin. Every time you get to a cross road, flip a coin if you’ll go left or right, we’ve found some cool places!

  4. The Ontario Travel Information Centre has travel counsellors who can help you plan out all kinds of trips throughout the province! It’ll be open 10-4 Wednesday-Saturday starting next week (outside service only for the first week, and then back in the centre starting the 14th).

  5. My buddy posted a thing on her Instagram about “guess where trips” - google it they plain road trips for you based on your likes. I think it’s like 50 bucks but looked like she had a good day with the family.

  6. My wife and I have done two of them and they were awesome, plan for a full day, but we saw things that we had no idea were in Ontario!

  7. If you are thinking of going for a hike, drive down Hwy. 27 to Kleinberg, you will find The Nashville Conservation Reserve and Humber Valley Heritage Trail. There's free parking at Huntington Road and Kirby Road.

  8. Goto Big Chute Marine Railway there's a small dam and a cool marine railway a really nice drive near Georgian Bay aswell about a 45 min drive from Barrie and you can take a different route back aswell

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