Best chip trucks in Barrie and area?

  1. There's a great place on Bayfield street, just past Paul sadlon. I believe it's called tiki hut. Also Jonny's on the Canadian Tire parking lot on mapleview is good.

  2. The Tiki Hut is our regular chip truck. It’s the closest to where I live. Thanks for the recommendation for one on the south end of town. I’ll check it out!

  3. Snack Shack. He used to be in Angus but just opened up at the chip truck in the Giant Tiger parking lot at Young and Minets Point. He makes all of his stuff from scratch and has a secret menu item each week that you need to follow on Facebook or Instagram to know about.

  4. Best poutine: The Snack Shack (just opened in parking lot of Giant Tiger at Burton (Yonge) & Huronia (minets point area)

  5. That's the Snack Shack. He's moved from Angus and is now in the parking lot at the Giant Tiger at Minets Point and Young

  6. Our favourite is the FritesWagon, it's a bright orange food truck that's usually parked outside where the sears used to be at the mall.

  7. And here to recommend FritesWagon as well. First ran into them Downtown during Winterfest, and was excited to see them parked in front of the old Sears location.

  8. Their food is so good!!! I have never messaged a restaurant on FB just to tell them how amazing they were!

  9. I won’t eat there. The owners are entitled jerks who treated my wife like garbage. She was a volunteer and they still harassed her to the point of tears. I just can’t support these types of people.

  10. frenches at centennial in orillia is pretty good. there is a place on horseshoe valley road in anten mills called the fry guy thats pretty good.

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