Hey where can I get a bunny pet in Barrie?

  1. Give it a few weeks as it's Easter and a lot of people who got one for their kids as an Easter present will put them up for adoption. Animal shelters are a great place to get them from. Also make sure you bunny proof a whole room bunnies love to run around and should not be kept in a cage

  2. Since it's just after Easter there should be plenty up for adoption soon. I'd recommend getting one that is spayed or neutered already. We had one of ours spayed three months ago and it cost $600. PetSmart occasionally has fixed bunnies for adoption.

  3. Another vote for the SPCA. They update the site regularly with animals available for adoption, I adopted a budgie from them last year and they always have new animals coming through. If you don't mind a bit of a drive you can check SPCA locations in other cities and take a trip up to Orillia or Midland or somewhere for your new furbaby.

  4. The SPCA and rescues are about to be inundated with bunnies as families ditch the rabbits they got their spoiled entitled children for Easter because they have just come to realize that they require work/effort to take care of them.

  5. My backyard early in the morning. Thing is an absolute unit, leaves lots of little chocolate egg surprises to let us know it cares.

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