Best Cheesecake in Town??

  1. I’ve had their cinnamon buns before and I didn’t even think to check if they do cheesecake! Definitely gonna check it out, thanks!

  2. Triple vote Jay's. They aren't a 1 pony show. You walk outta there with something different every time. They are the more dense kind tho.

  3. I'm a bit late to the game but I highly recommend Pfalzgraf on Saunders Road. It's a commercial bakery on Saunders Road that has an outlet store where you can buy their products. The hardest part will be choosing a flavour!

  4. I know it’s not “local” or small business, but Loblaws on Bayfield likely has what you’re looking for. Italian Bakery has a great selection of desserts, just not sure about cheesecake.

  5. While the two mentioned locations have cheesecake, IMO they do not sell great cheesecakes. Menchie’s on Bayfield Street has frozen Cheesecake Factory pieces, but unfortunately fresh is better. J’Adore on Dunlop Street East used to have fantastic ones available, but they have not had them for quits a long time unless they have a new source.

  6. Making a great cheesecake is not actually that hard. I've made them for years from a recipe I found online, and my family loves it. Go with the basic cake, and then choose your toppings. We like caramelized pear or apple, but plain is fantastic, too.

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