Do you have better success selling used things on Kijiji or FB Marketplace in Barrie?

  1. That is kijiji. If it is not available, why is the ad up? Is it available is the default kijiji response on their app

  2. Hit and miss on both. But i do find fb market place a lot of people are time wasters. A bunch of so called I want it then nothing. Kijiji you don't get as many messages, but the few u get are usually more serious on buying it.

  3. I do way better on Marketplace. I do resent giving Facebook any more power, but on Kijiji I get mostly crickets but there's really no alternatives anymore. I've also listed a couple of things on Nextdoor, but only had a quick result with one of them.

  4. So, I use a variety of buy and sell venues. Online and Brick n Mortar. It’s come to my attention that no one is buying much of anything this quarter. We’re all super broke and can’t justify the “killer deal on mint condition Docs at 100” even though retail is 250$…maybe hold onto a few things till next quarter. See if you can move it then.

  5. I've found great success on the varage app. Been using it for a few years and only ever had one real time waster.

  6. Depends what I'm selling. My kids toys I'd post on Facebook. My tools or reno items I'd try first on kijiji. Sometimes for larger priced items, I'd post on both. I do find I have better luck on facebook marketplace.

  7. My partner and I actually lightly tested which channel worked better. He generally prefers Kijiji and I find Facebook is better (I think it's because people are already on FB whereas you have to go to Kijiji). Anyways, after both listing the same items, FB Marketplace was faster than Kijiji all times. I haven't had too many issues with flaky people.

  8. I find Marketplace has a weird method of sorting the ads and i see different results for the same search between my phone and my PC. I'd say it's an even split. Stuff that I let rot, seems to fare better on kijiji. Quick sales, Marketplace.

  9. Your assessment is accurate, but Kijiji has really died off recently. I'd love to see their traffic numbers to support that theory.

  10. Kijiji at least gives you some anonymity at first. I have sold a few items with and a few were super smooth transactions and others people will try lower their offers even after an agreement has been made. I have only looked at a few FB ads and I get a sketchy vibe from that platform. I doubt I will ever use FB it to sell anything.

  11. Yea Kijiji has more follow through, but I still see WAY more success on market place, even after all the abandoned conversations.

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