Can you buy Diamond Kosher Salt anywhere in Barrie?

  1. Costcos should carry this I Was just looking for this as well but In Scarborough. Unfortunately it is out of stock at the moment in all Costco’s. the guy I asked at Costco said they are expecting more in the near weeks

  2. Unfortunate the Barrie Costco doesn’t carry it. I’ve read that the Business Centre locations usually have it but they’re in Toronto.

  3. Not that I have ever seen. I'd suggest ordering online. I have had good luck ordering specific spices and seasoning brands that I cannot find here.

  4. Check Johnny’s on Byrne. I know they sell Kosher salt and I think last time I recall it was Diamond Crystal or Morton’s

  5. It also lacks iodine which can and does affect the taste of foods. The larger crystals also do not dissolve quickly so it’s great for drawing moisture out of meats before barbecuing.

  6. If you think kosher salt is called "kosher" because it's been blessed by a Rabbi you really need to get a refund from whatever church taught you that in Sunday School.

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