Best chicken wings

  1. Locker room has great spicey gar par but their wing deals have gotten more expensive. The place where Don Cherry's used to be on Anne st apparently has great wings too. Wild wing is a safe bet. They have a flavor called garlic trio that is being tested right now and it's like crack. Sauce: spent a lot of time finding the best wing places.

  2. Best in Town: The locker room by far! I don't understand the other person, yeah prices went up a tad, but, so did every other place and they are still the cheapest for wings in town. They have 3 types of fries to choose from and always delicious. Can't go wrong here

  3. Wow, what an awesome reply ! I really appreciate you taking the time :) definitely will give all the mentioned places a try! Thank again !!

  4. Best wings in Barrie are at Malones pint house. I have tried all the places in Barrie and this place wins hands down. The wings are huge and comes with a basket of fries unlike some wing places. Best deal for wings in Barrie as well. Monday gets you a pint and a pound for 15$, Tuesday is 99 cent wings etc… They also have live music and what not on fridays and Saturdays. The patio is also huge so definitely my favourite place. It says they close at 9 online for some weird reason but they are open untill 12am. And like everyone else said, do not waste time or money at any of the St Louis. A close second would be ol’west wing, they have a good selection of flavours but the prices are pretty steep.

  5. Some of the sneaky best wings in Barrie are at Flying Monkeys. Lockeroom is solid too! Wild Wing has the best flavours but not the best wings, imo. As someone mentioned, St Louis is trash haha.

  6. I am obsessed with wings and all things wing sauces. Noteworthy I am a big fan of a good breaded wing. To date the best I’ve ever had (including Toronto) are the wings in Creemore at the pub beside the brewery. I also thoroughly enjoy the wings at Flying Monkey. Get them hot and monkey style. They are incredible.

  7. Ol'west wing at Ferndale/Ardagh is good. It's closed a long time now but Big Chris BBQ on Anne street had the best wings I have ever had,their wings were huge and meaty.

  8. I love wings. I search all over for really good wings. I know wings! If you want really good wings, you need to try out the Sharon House on Hurst. You need to trust me on this.

  9. Personally for me I love Boston pizzas boneless they’re pretty gas, wild wings is also doing some good shit in the deep fryer with their wings

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