How is Uber/Ubereats as a worker?

  1. I drove uber eats when I was living in aurora and tried again in barrie. Barrie is just awful compared to the new market/aurora area. Sure there were times when you would get a call up to sharon but that was the worst of it and you would be back on Greenlane in no time.

  2. That’s why I stopped doing instacart. 20-30 min drive out to collingwood or (other way) midhurst, just to drive back to Barrie/wesaga to drive all the way back again.. pointless, waste of time money and gas.

  3. My understanding is that it's only for people who are bad at math, and don't consider any costs except their fuel. They just ignore tire and brake wear, depreciation, and everything else.

  4. If you have an electric or hybrid-electric car you apparently make pretty great money. If you use a gas car, you supposedly get hosed pretty bad. It's also suggested that you avoid being near any McDonalds in the city because for some reason the rates always end up shit for McDonalds deliveries, and you often get paired with 2-3 deliveries that aren't any good all at once.

  5. Thank you for the reply ! From what I’m hearing, I’m probably going to stay away from Uber all together as I have a gas car

  6. It’s sucks. The fact that people tip after the fact means they won’t tip at all. I’d go with door dash or skip. It gets you the upfront costs and you know by the order if someone tips or not.

  7. I don't use these services ever, but are you telling me that with some, you pre-tip? Like, before you even receive the service? What is the point of that?

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