Can’t even watch YouTube now without seeing her!

  1. It's not that I hope she over spent herself building that gaudy office and spray shitting her name everywhere only to lose her income stream now the sales are stalling and she goes bankrupt and has to live in a shoe but. ..oh hell of course that's what I'm hoping

  2. Yeah, she showed up while I was streaming football Sunday on DAZN during a commercial break recently.. She's just keepin' it real guys!

  3. guys come on.. She just wants to talk to you about the booming housing market and why you need to sell your property to her NOW...

  4. Realtors always say the best time to buy is now. They need that commission. Your poor financial decision isnt their problem once it closes. lol

  5. She and Mark Faris are apparently having a contest to see who has the most punchable face. He definitely wins the contest of who looks most like a date rapist.

  6. I am glad I am not the only one annoyed with seeing her so much on YouTube plus all of the other realtors on there for barrie showing these "great" houses you need to see to belive it.

  7. What work do you think she's had done? And was it done with a shovel or a cast iron pan? Cause if she's had any plastic surgery done it had to have been preformed with the blunt side of a shovel

  8. I honestly don’t understand the hate for Peggy; she is actually a REALLY lovely human.

  9. Yeah I legit gave her 1 star reviews on google / yelp/ everything and noted the reason was her excessive advertising, and that whenever I’m In the market to buy / sell a house I’ll be sure to steer clear of them.

  10. Keep it real folks. This woman gives so much to the community, obviously spends a lot in our community buying advertising and is a successful businesswoman. What she looks like is completely irrelevant! The Barrie sub-Reddit usually contains half intelligent posts, but these are nothing short of awful!

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