Canadian tire doesn’t take used oil anymore?

  1. Oil changer place on hart dr. behind part source anne/dunlop. They do still let you leave full jugs and a bin for filters. I did last week.

  2. The dump On Saturday… as you enter you break to the left and there’s a small chemical recycling drop off (you don’t enter past the scales into the main dump).

  3. Yes they do. Just go over to the service bay doors. Go in the man door and leave them just inside the man door. You'll see a whole bunch of other jugs of used oil there. You can even ask one of the techs. They'll take it.

  4. Safety Kleen does not pay for the used oil anymore, that ended at least 7 years ago. Now they charge for pickup about .13 cents per litre. The only way they will do it for free is if you use their recycled oil.

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