Have y’all ever had to deal with this bull ass shit?

  1. omg nonononno lmao. I finished my shift went to a bar a block a way, drank some vodka sodas and then wrote this post!!!

  2. Newb bartender here (7 months) having trouble cutting a regular off. I slow him down but he is very persistent and spends a lot of money. He will not drink water ever.

  3. This job can get you in jail bud. Over serving is a crime according to......but save a guy! Especially if they're a regular...see ya mañana, my job isn't worth yo crash drunk ass...

  4. As others have said, over serving can cause you to be put at blame if/when an accident occurs (behind the wheel or not). A good defense attorney will instantly throw you under the bus because you were looking for an extra buck that night. If that regular wants to keep drinking there are other places he can do so that won't impact your paycheck. Get a backbone and don't back down.

  5. Gotta love the god complex from the kitchen sometimes. Certainly not gonna blanket statement that, but you get those few that are.. well - exactly that - I AM THE RESTAURANT

  6. Yup this is exactly who this dude is, entitled as hell and gets really rude when he’s been drinking. Talking about how I’m a fucking idiot for not serving him, right in front of me.

  7. I've never heard anyone say the term "dipass" ever. Not being fecesious, but do you actually mean "dip ass"??? That's a crazy funny insult! And what region is this a thing?!! Cuz I'm moving there so I can call everyone "Dipass"!!!

  8. LMFAOOO friend I meant dipshit but typed dipass and just went with it. From now on I will call all douche canoes Dipasses in your honour

  9. I cut off a staff member from the back of house once as well. He’s a strange dude, but we always got on fine.. Anyways this one night buddy has a few around 6-7 and leaves. He comes back a few hours later clearly in the bag. I serve him one or two and get busy. He gets mad that I’m ‘not giving him service’. I apologize and say the guests are priority, but I’ll be right with you. He proceeds to whistle for me across the bar, which is a big fuck no for me, especially from staff. I go over and calmly tell him not to whistle at me across the bar. He claims that he was cheering for his team (a game had been on but it was over and highlights were playing). I tell him to cut the shit or I will no longer be serving him. He starts clapping and cheering starting at the TV, just being an obnoxious prick. After a few minutes of this I go back over and tell him to grow up. Now mind you this dude is in his late 40’s, so he reeeeally didn’t like that. He stands up and walks out on his tab.

  10. Oh Jesus Christ that is MAD. I would be incensed lmao glad u got thru it but not glad this idiot didn’t get fired

  11. Shiiiii I’ve worked places where we had to cut off employees who were on the clock working! Cooks, servers, bussers you name it.

  12. This kind of behavior at the restaurant I work at got employees banned from coming to the bar in their off time. How does this dude have a job still?

  13. I have absolutely no idea. He’s been told multiple times to slow down and to leave when he’s cut off by mgmt. like I literally don’t understand how he’s still employed w that behavior

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