Bitters at my bar. What drinks would you make?

  1. There’s a recipe on the Bittermans website that’s essentially a Manhattan riff called Chocolate Martica that I’ve been having lately. 1oz aged rum, 1oz cognac, 1oz sweet vermouth, 0.25oz Luxardo maraschino, 8-10 drops of Xolcolatl mole bitters.

  2. Aztec chocolate bitters and anise go well. Start with a rinse of any anise spirit, Cointreau, and chocolate bitters. Use any base liquor or modifer you can think of

  3. Experimented at work the other weekend with it. Did 2oz Malfy blood orange gin, with a half oz amaretto, and a dash of the aztec chocolate. Topped off with ginger beer in a collins. Scared people away at first just based off the ingredients but I think its the start of something that could be good. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Hopefully the owner gives you leeway to experiment with making 2-3 drinks a night with the bottles and other supplies you have on deck for everyone on staff to taste and provide feedback and after a week or two of doing that you should have a couple original recipes.

  5. Worked at a private craft cocktail/bourbon bar and 30% of our drink orders were vodka soda and they'd put their own mio in it. You wanna pay a membership fee to drink vodka soda? Whatever floats your boat I guess.

  6. I love the plum bitters! Hard to find exactly where to use them, imo, but smell just like bubblegum and add a similar flavor!

  7. Blueberry sidecar with those plum and lavender bitters. Just muddle blueberry, then add some of your favorite cognac, Cointreau, and some lemon sour. Finish with a dash of each of those bitters and you’ve got yourself a cocktail.

  8. Mezcal old fashion with the mole and chocolate maybe, the spicy one maybe a hibiscus drink with ancho Reyes, lavendar maybe some gin drink with some rosemary or some hipster crap.

  9. Shoutout Rochester for the Fee's lineup. Fun fact about Joe Fee, may he rest in peace, the only bitters he came up with were in fact the Black Walnut bitters (which are the best imo)

  10. I don't really use fee bros anymore, but I've made a Roquefort gin infused martini with the plum before, and a cascara milk White Russian with the black walnut.

  11. Honestly I work at a speed bar which we don't even have wine at so if they introduced all that at my bar I'd probably just set the bar on fire

  12. A tipperary with rhubarb bitters instead of Ango is amazing! I've also always liked a good rum old fashioned with plum bitters.

  13. Add Regan #9 and Peychauds my friend. Those and Ango are the holy trinity. Fee Brothers is NA so good for just a glass of soda water or a mocktail. Plum, peach and rhubarb all taste great in citrus driven drinks. Walnut and Aztec with stirred and of course Ango in literally anything. I’m sure that spicy one to the right will go with agave based pretty well. Keep up the collection!

  14. You're using bitters too many times. Like 80 or 90 times? That's too many times. Maybe one or two bitters is okay but not 80 or 90 times.

  15. I use the rhubarb bitters in a Negroni riff, and in a gimlet riff. The Negroni riff is gin, aperol, dry vermouth, Prosecco, and the gimlet is Empress gin, home made lime cordial, and aqua faba. Both drinks I put a couple dashes of the rhubarb bitters on very last thing.

  16. I infused a bottle of bourbon with butterscotch and cinnamon, used the black walnut bitters for a mean old fashioned/ Manhattan with amaro

  17. I mean… whatever you want. Bitters are kind of an afterthought for me, when designing a cocktail. If you’re looking for established drinks with these bitters, there are plenty. But I kind of think of bitters as the final touch to a cocktail. They definitely play a significant role, but they aren’t the foundation.

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