clean. stocked. ready to go. How does your well look?

  1. The way the fruit is cut is giving me weird feelings in my pants. You should see the disaster fruit that is always prepped for me. Fuckers are hair thin and usually dried out when I need them. It's kind of embarrassing

  2. Someone at my work can't cut fruit to save themselves but everyone I ask says it's not them. Everytime I start my shift my limes are all cut in weird shapes and are mostly no good for me..

  3. Cut your limes fresh bro. It takes at least a day for limes to have yucky brown edges like that.

  4. My (new) barback today told me it wasn’t his job to get shit for me and I could get my own ice- management 86ed him before 9:30. We found a half drunk bottle of 818 tequila hidden behind the ice well- so I guess he got his attitude from Kendall Jenner.

  5. It's hard to find s good opener unless it's the bar manager and they take a lot of pride in their baby

  6. This reminds me of when I worked at Bar Louie. Ugh I loved that job because of all of the different flavors options we could offer! My main job's well is not great and I'm always running around to get bottles to use. At my other job, it is set up pretty efficiently.

  7. Questions. Do you make it every day new and throw the rest away at the end of the shift? And do you let this outside the whole evening? My coworkers put it back into the fridge when they don't need it for a couple of minutes. I don't see the reason to prepare if they put it back every time. Then I just can slice the fruits when I need them. (our bar isn't as frequented as any Barkeeper would want it)

  8. Please cut lemons and oranges the right way, giving me PTSD over here getting yelled at as a barback lmao. Half wheels are actually easier to cut too imo

  9. Nothing pets my peeve more than shitty bruised limes. Not trying to be nit picky but the entire purpose of a garnish is to make the drink look better. Other than that it looks great!

  10. Way better than this and with much less sugar and shampoo bottles. Do you work at like a dog track or something?

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