How the hell do I get out of here?

  1. I went back to school in January. The only thing I hate more than school, is the service industry. It didn’t used to be that way. But now it is. So I went back.

  2. I sold New Chevys for a couple years. Whole different level of stress. But after Covid I don’t think it would be the same. Not sure though. Money was good. Physically easy. Great comm checks. I’m a lifer though. I’m back in the industry. Just got a gig at a really nice place so hopefully an elevated clientele will be less stress. Hopefully….Also I delivered for Amazon for a while. That was a blast!

  3. One option is distributor sales representative, i.e. working for a distributor selling to stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels; or supplier sales rep, i.e. working for a winery, brewery, distillery, or importer selling to distributors, but also working directly with accounts (stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels). Product knowledge is key to landing any of these jobs.

  4. Look into some local breweries or distilleries and see if any of them are looking for reps. 90% of the liquor reps we deal with are former bartenders, and some of the places we order from actually give their employees stock in the business. You still get the perks of working in the bar business, but you’re really only working with the staff instead of the customers. Win-win!

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