so crazy how a beard totally changes your whole look☺️ 9 months beard growth. first time with beard. thoughts? I love the beard. partner hates it😢

  1. My partner didn't like mine either. I persisted, then one day I shaved down to just a 'stache. He begged me to grow the beard out again. Now he wears a beard, too! Grow on, Bro!

  2. Gfy, stay the course and maybe they will come around Same situation, first beard (three yrs now) wife not a fan..... Until I started getting compliments on it about one year in. She's definitely come around. Now buys me cool shit like primo balm and she got me this really special carved solid silver runic / viking style clasp / bead? for when I need to keep the beard beast tamed in a pony nub. Anyway, sorry for making it about me I hope it works out!

  3. Ha. I'm gonna stay the course. My partner, Kyle has a beard too but super short and full. Maybe 1/4 inch long and salt and pepper as well😉 I do want a huge monster beard😶. He's just gonna have to deal 😘

  4. I seriously admire your beard growing capabilities! I know you have to respect your partner to a degree, but even if it's just once in your life you do what you want with it, let it grow - you can always trim it back, but it takes so long to grow - it's a serious investment in time and patience - hang in there!

  5. As a woman, I personally think you look better without the beard but life is too short not to do what makes you happy. I like my hair short and I am told by men over and over again that I should grow it out. Nope. Done with all that 😊

  6. Yup generally beards only impress other guys, most women hate it. But we're not growing beards to impress women.

  7. I personally like it and I'm sorry that your ex doesn't like it. This is going to sound harsh but frankly it's none of their business. It's your body and if you want the beard, keep it. Do not let them dictate what you do with your own body.

  8. That's a great beard sir. I'm sure you'll sort things out with your partner. My wife isn't too keen on mine but she also realises that in the grand scheme of things it's not that big a deal.

  9. But you have a great beard and it seems to grow pretty quick so you can have it both ways why not. Clean shaven and maybe more sculptured styling, because you have that kind of hair. Why not shake it up at well it's all fun and it's a renewable resource. I think you look great with a beard but then I'm partial. But I also love the look of just a big mustache on the right face

  10. That’s a mighty beard my friend. Your growth is an inspiration! Keep it up. I’m on month 3ish of my first beard growth and I’m giving off half Amish half getting ready for the Holy War vibes…I hope to be where you’re at soon

  11. You look great either way. If you have been with your partner a while, it ain’t the end of the world if you shave. Not everyone can say that. Up to you…

  12. Maybe it will grow on her. My wife was ambivalent about me having a beard. Then I shaved it and she thought I looked like a baby. So it's back now.

  13. I think your beard is awesome! It really compliments and completes your look! I hope that your partner (he or she) adjusts! This look really suits you!

  14. He says it looks homeless and gross 😶 ha. I want a huge natural beard. it's been a fun journey. He's had a beard ever since we've been together. 16 years now, but it's super short and very tidy. Looks great on him. That style on me looks cheezy 😊

  15. Damn man! That's just 9 months? Don't you dare shave that thing!!!! Sorry for your partner but I'd be keeping that awesome growth!

  16. I would definitely keep it…but I can also understand your partner’s perspective. It’s a drastic change. You looked more “clean cut” before, but you can still be clean cut with a beard. They probably miss what your lips felt like. Get it trimmed up by someone who knows what they’re doing, maybe provide a photo/example of how you want it to look, give it some definition, uncover your lips, find some nice smelling beard oil. I bet you could get your partner on board.

  17. As much as I love the wild, natural beard, maybe your partner would react better to something more groomed and neat? Don't lose the beard...negotiate!

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