Could you imagine if The Beatles yelled out their own names during songs like rappers etc. do?

  1. I guess the closest we got was Ringo saying “cmon George, one time for Ringo” on Honey Don’t + “go Johnny go” on For You Blue

  2. At least that had some context though. You head DJ Khaled all the time just yell out his name during songs, as if we needed reminding who the song is by

  3. My name is George, I have nothing to say Because I am not a fucking DJ And if you wanna come talk to me Then you gotta talk to my man JohnEEEEEeeeeEEEeee…

  4. I always inappropriately ad lib a ridiculous 'Yeah' into absolutely song and my gf hates it but its my favourite thing ever.

  5. All of which have a certain context about them. The idea for the post came from a song I heard where DJ Khaled just yelled out ‘DJ KHALED!!’ towards the end, out of context

  6. I am the Walrus is on that galactic Outkast level. Both genres are post blues, so characters, showmanship, call and response, are all central to the vocabulary and story telling. They’re both very entertaining genres, wide open in terms of using different elements which touch on point-of-view.

  7. The DM in my D&D group likes to say that Pit Bull is the 5th Beatle. He also asks if I would rather replace the Beatles catalog with Pit Bull’s just as performed by The Beatles, or replace Pit Bull’s catalog with The Beatles’ just as performed by Pitt Bull.

  8. I’ve said it in other replies, but at least that quote has context. I heard a song the other day where DJ Khaled literally just yells out his name at the end of a song, as if we need a reminder as to who it’s by

  9. Kinda reminds me of Queens “The Invisible Man”. They shouted one of the band members name then they would do a solo or something like that

  10. This is what my friend said the first time he listened to "Yellow Submarine", when John answers Ringo lines: "They are fucking using tags"

  11. Love your own music without hating on others. If the Beatles were like you they would never have formed bc they would have dismissed American black styling.

  12. That’s a fair comment, and it’s something I’m extremely guilty of. But my opinions on modern music aren’t baseless either. It’s not that I’m dismissive of rap etc. I just take it into account, and am generally disappointed by my perception of a regression in music quality

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