Help, bird fell into a glue trap, how to help him?

  1. Hey, thanks for all the help, the trap itself wasn't mine I found him. I managed to gently release him from it using olive oil and afterwards washed him with water mixed with small amount of soap. He looked fine after that and could walk properly/tried to fly, but I decided to make him stay in a box for the night (I found him very late evening) to make sure he'll get better first/or get some professional help in the morning. I made holes in the box to make the air flow through, however, when I wanted to check on him when woke up the bird sadly has passed away..

  2. Gently massage the limbs and feathers off of the glue trap with some coconut or olive oil. Then, give the bird a gentle scrub with dawn dish soap. Allow him to dry off in a quiet, dark place (like a shoe box) for about 30 minutes to an hour, and release him (or wait until morning if it’s already dark where you are).

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